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Today we’re talking with Jennifer Johnson from the blog Everything Then Some.

Jennifer is a fellow member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew  and I’ve asked her to share a bit of her busy life and homeschool with us.

Kemi: Tell us a little bit about your children’s ages and grades.

Jennifer: I homeschool my oldest (12) who is in the 7th grade.

Kemi: What homeschooling method do you use?

Jennifer: I mostly use the workbooks from Lifepac and then I add a couple workbooks in that I got from the local bookstore. My son is not so great in Math so I add Math from Time4Learning in there.

Kemi: Can you give us a peek into your typical homeschool day?

Jennifer: I started out getting my homeschooled son up and ready by 9 am to start his day, after I got my youngest on the bus at 8 am. But after doing that for a week plus doing all the subjects in one day and then realizing that he’s just not a morning person I changed it.

Now I make sure he is up at least by 11 am and ready to work. Then I made it kind of like middle school that he’s used to with the A and B days, he just doesn’t have to get up as early.

Next we decided on the schedule, since he knows he’s bad in Math, he decided to have Math everyday.

So our schedule is…

  • A-Math and Language Arts
  • and then B- Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Then we have Health once a week.

At 11 he’s working on the first subject and then breaking for lunch at noon. Then after that come the rest of the subjects. I try to give him at least an hour to work on things and then what he doesn’t finish we either finish the next time or do it on the weekend.

More articles from Jennifer on her particular homeschool choices and decisions.


Kemi: So Homemaking Organized is all about homemaking or the details of home. We love to find out how others keep their homes. Can you tell us about your own homekeeping and how you manage to fit it in with homeschool?

Jennifer: Usually while he is doing his schoolwork I am doing some chores, unless he needs help then I will of course stop and help him. If he needs me more in a single day then I will wait until my youngest gets home, does his homework, and then let them play on the game until I get done. If that doesn’t work out then I’ll either wait until my husband gets home so he can keep an eye on them or I’ll just wait until they go to sleep for the night.

Do you have any crafts or hobbies that you would like to share?

Jennifer: Mostly my hobbies involve blogging or playing around on the computer. I’ll sometimes play video games.

Jennifer Johnson is a wife and mom of two boys (12) and (10).” I live in Virginia Beach, VA and have lived here most of my life. I love going to the beach and of course shopping. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I am very close to my family. I have one sister. I love dogs and cats. I hate spiders and roller coasters.”

You can visit Jennifer at Everything Then Some



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