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I would like to introduce to you Jennifer Altman who blogs at Chestnut Grove Academy.  She is also a fellow member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  By the way she is also celebrating a Blogiversary this week for her 1000th blog post so be sure and enter her giveaway after you read all about her home and homeschool setup.

Kemi: Can you tell us a little bit about your children’s ages and grades?

Jen: I have 4 kids. C is 8 in the 3rd Grade, Z is 5 in Kindergarten, c (little C) is 4 and in Pre-K, and K is 1 years old.

Kemi: Do you work at home or have a home businesses?

Jen: I have several direct sales businesses in addition to my blog … but I am in them all mainly for the discount and do not work them as full time businesses.

Kemi: What homeschooling method do you use?

Jen: We are VERY eclectic.

Kemi: Can you give us a peek into your typical homeschool day?

Jen: A ‘normal’ day for us goes like this…

8-8:30 am making and eating breakfast.

9-9:30 am heading downstairs to school room.

We do school until about 12:30 pm. We use workboxes, so we work through the boxes consisting of scripture study, science or history (sometimes both, depending), language arts, reading, math, etc…While my oldest on independent work I work on boxes with my younger kids. My K also does Reading Eggs and Mathseeds on the iPad.

Then afternoons vary by day…some days we have extra curricular, other days we watch videos based on our learning, there is usually some minecraft lesson time and some days he will do his computer subjects. They also have Kindles that they can use for limited times to play apps (typically consisting of Brain Pop or a few other educational games) or just reading books.

They also do a lot of playing, including outdoor play on warmer days.

On what we call a ‘computer’ day, my oldest will jump on the computer in the morning (sometimes even before breakfast) and knock out his computer based classes. These are typically fall back for days we have too much else going on so that he can squeeze some schooling in.

On these days we typically have fields trips, doctor’s appointments, grocery store trips or whatever. Sometimes these are more of a ‘normal’ day as we end up doing more of these days than others, especially around vacations and holidays.

Kemi: We love to see where homeschooling happens. Can you give us a peek into your homeschool room?

Jen: I have not posted a pic of our new homeschool room yet, as we moved around 8 months ago and it has still not been completely situated! This is my goal for the new year!

(we’ll be waiting Jen!)

Jen has updated her blog with some GREAT pictures of her homeschool room. Be sure and check them out!

Kemi: So Homemaking Organized is all about homemaking or the details of home. We love to find out how others keep their homes. Can you tell us about your own homekeeping and how you manage to fit it in the cares of home?

Jen: Some things get passed over. Luckily I have a helpful husband who helps out with dishes and a few other occasional chores. My house is often ‘picked up’, but not deep cleaned.  I don’t vacuum nearly often enough… but it is what it is.  Right now, my main priority is getting schooling done and not getting burnt out.  I need relaxation time too.  I make sure the house is not a total disaster, but it’s definitely not spic and span!

Kemi: Do you have any crafts or hobbies that you would like to share?

Jen: I scrapbook and like to be crafty when I get the time … it’s been a long time since I have done scrapbooking regularly… but now that I’m back near home, my mom and I will be doing our biannual scrapbooking retreats, which will truly help out! And once I get that school room in order, I’ll have a space to craft as well…maybe I’ll get more done!

198649_10151123665299335_60603939_nI’m a homeschooling mom to 4 kiddoes (3 boys and a girl). I have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I worked in the field for several years prior to having my own children. I started this blog as a way to be accountable to myself. It’s turned into so much more.  I love being able to share ideas, and reviews (and sometimes giveaways) with all of you! I have benefited so much more from other bloggers, and hope that in some way I can do my part to pay it forward! 
Thanks for reading!

You can visit Jennifer at Chestnut Grove Academy


Kemi: Jennifer thank you for dropping by today and visiting with us! And congratulations on your Blogiversary!





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