Homeschooling and Your Child’s Learning Style : 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents

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It’s day three of 5 Days of Tips for Homeschooling Parents. Where the homeschoolers of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have banded together to offer up tips, ideas, and advice to help you based on our own numerous homeschooling experiences.

Back when I first started homeschooling one thing that I actually thought deeply about was my child’s learning style. At the time I didn’t realize that learning styles were a thing. I just used it as a basis to choose a homeschool curriculum for my daughter.

People are all unique but there are some similiarities in different areas. One of those areas is in the ways of learning that that work best. One of the great beauties of homeschooling is finding your child’s unique learning style and being able to customize their homeschool experience.

In the book Homeschooling and Loving It by Rebecca Kochenderfer covers the various schools of thought on types of learning styles.

There are the 8 Kinds of Smart by David Lazear 

The 5 Personality Types by Mariaemma Willis

And the three Learning Modalities.

  • The Visual Learner.
  • The Auditory Learner.
  • And the Kinestheic/Tactile learner (likes to touch things).

You can also find out more on learning styles from the HSLDA.

It can be a lot to digest and depending on how you roll it can cause some frustration. But simply pay attention to what drives your child.

I noticed early on that my daughter remembered stories as if they were told to her yesterday. Months and even years later she would remember details in stories she had hear, read, or watch on video. She loves a good drama. She doesn’t like to be in one but she likes to watch, read, or hear one. She’s also very organized and loves to work in workbooks. Traditional curriculums with workbooks work for her and so do video based curriculum. But the instructor better be interesting and offer lots of visual aids!

Check out this Learning Styles Quiz on

Then after you’ve narrowed down, at least somewhat, what makes your child tick it’s time to find the right curriculum for them and for you. Since you will be teaching your child the curriculum needs to fit you both.

That’s where we come in at Schoolhouse Review Crew. We review homeschool products year round for your reading pleasure. Find what makes our kids tick and see if it may work for you. Schoolhouse Review Crew Reviews.

I’m not the only one one with tips to share. Here’s today’s list of fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew members sharing their tips for Homeschooling Parents.

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5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents
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  1. If only learning styles were cut and dried! About the time I figure one of the girls out, one of the others changes and matures and bit and I am figuring things out all over again! I think I will have to try out the learning styles quiz.

  2. Yes, every child is so different, even within families, and I think it definitely helps if you try to align how you teach with your child’s individual learning style!

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