Help with Multiplication Math FaCTs : Times Tales (a Review)

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Looking for something to help you child over the roadblock called multiplication math facts? We reviewed a Math program called Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co.  It’s designed to help out with learning multiplication and in our case it did so remarkably.

It’s one of those things you hear about as your young child is going through their school days. “They need to practice math drills. Math drills are important.”

Math drills are when you figure simple math problems at a quick pace. In my day we had a sort of game of it. We would have a minute to do a page of math facts. We would move from addition to subtraction through multiplication and finally division.

You were a whiz if you got to division.

Struggling With Our Multiplication Math Facts

So when they time came for my own daughter to work through her math facts. I thought fun times ahead.

I drilled her on math facts as we drove down the street. I purchased Maths drilling apps. And of course worked through Math drill worksheets using the timer that I was so familiar with.

But still she didn’t have them memorized. When doing math problems she would spend a looooonnnngggggg time trying to figure out what 8×9 is, or 7×6 or even 3×6. She asked for paper or used her fingers.

I knew I shouldn’t be frustrated. It will come in time. But man is this holding up the school day!

Oooh but there is hope! Really there is. Read on…

Light at the end of the Multiplication Math Facts Tunnel

I was in this position. My poor daughter just couldn’t memorize the upper times tables. No matter how many times she was drilled on them.  And we drilled daily with a timed test and then a verbal one.

I tabled them after a while. They were driving her crazy and making her second guess herself.

It wasn’t that she could figure out her upper times she just didn’t have them memorized.

If you remember my 5 Days of Homeschooling Tips for Parents from last week her tip was to not get frustrated that eventually the student (herself) would get it. She was talking to me.

And then there is the related friend Division who was next and not memorizing Multiplication facts meant Division was kind of hard too.

Soooo…. I was only too happy to give Times Tales a try.

What is Time TalesThe Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Time Tales is a different way of learning the Upper Times Tables. Instead of just constant drilling your student learns stories where each number is a character. The answer to the multiplication problem is in the story.

When you remember the stories you remember the Times Table.

When you purchase the Times Tales package your receive 5 downloadable items.

  • 2 Parts of the Times Tales videos
  • 2 sets of Printables which includes puzzles, quizzes, and worksheets.
  • And an Answer Key
Learn Multiplications Math Facts with Times Tales

Using Times Tales

There are two videos to watch in Times Tales. Part 1 includes the directions for using the program, learning the characters, and the upper times tables for numbers 3 and 4 (3×6, 3×7, 3×8, 3×9 etc.).

The part 2 video is the upper Times Tables stories for numbers 6 through 9.

At the end of the stories is a quiz where your student can see how much of the stories they can remember. Rather than asking them what is 8×9? It’s a test of remember the stories.

The next quiz is where your student is shown the characters and they must recap the story.

Then your student is quizzed on the actual problems. For example 7×6=? There is a flash card quiz given with and without the cute symbols for the numbers.

Then it’s time for division! We know that Division is just multiplication in reverse so once your child gets the Upper Times tables down Division should be a snap!

The package also includes worksheets, quizzes, flashcards, and dice(that you print out and put together) to drive more of the Times Tables home.

The system is to learn the first video and practice it for at least a week. Then the next week learn the next video.

The stories are not deep and involved with plot. And you may think they are too simple or not even get how they work but ohmigosh they do!

For example…

Times Tales screen shot about number six Multiplication Math facts

The sixth grade class represents the number 6.

Butterflies represent the number 3.

The story goes…The sixth grade class raised butterflies and at 1 o’clock they set 8 butterflies free.

The multiplication problem is in the story. 6×3=18

How Did We like Times Tales for learning Multiplication Math Facts?

I love this system! I think it’s ingenious. I think the reason my daughter took to it so well is because she loves stories. She’s always been able to recall in mind numbing detail stories that have been read to her or that she has seen acted out.

So for her she got the stories AND the math problems right away.

My husband couldn’t understand it. He didn’t get it. So this is what makes me think that maybe it works with a child so well because they love stories.

It would be nice if this program went a little higher like numbers 10-15. I think my daughter, at just turned age 11, might be on the tail end of the age group this is good for.

Not sure if this will work in your home? Check out this Free Times Tales Sample 9’s Download
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