Sale – Homeschool Week April 30, 2018

It’s Homeschool Season! Time to refresh and renew what ails you in your Homeschool.

I wanted to let you, my readers, know about this great sale at SchoolhouseTeachers.

I talk about homeschooling a lot offline and sometimes forget to share as much online. This season there are so many good things available for you and I’ll be sharing them this week.

When people ask me about what products can they use for their child I don’t miss a beat. I point them to SchoolhouseTeachers. There are so many ways to customize this fabulous online resource to work for your homeschool. If you find yourself dumping curriculum after curriculum, trying to find that sweet spot in math or the spelling lessons that finally take root STOP! Stop spending so much time, energy, and money, all of which are precious.


With over 370 courses there is something for everyone in for the family including mom (or dad) encouragement and household helps. I’ve reviewed SchoolhouseTeachers here on the blog and you can read that here but I’ve only touched the surface. just keeps growing and improving!

There are two ways to save on this month…

  1. Save big on an annual subscription and use Code:YEARLYOPTION for a $99 a year subscription. Includes the FREE print Summer edition of the magazine.
  2. If you would like to subscribe monthly use Code: MONTHLYOPTION to pay only $9.95 a month also includes a FREE print Summer edition of the magazine.

Don’t delay. This spring sale ends May 31, 2018.


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