SmartKidz Media Homeschool Review

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Our homeschool curriculum is great but like most homeschooling families we love supplementing our regular studies with videos and ebooks related to the subjects being studied. Getting another viewpoint on a subject can really help to drive home some ideas.

SmartKidz Media Review

That made us really excited to review SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers by SmartKidz Media for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

What Is SmartKidz Media?

SmartKidz Medial Library is an online resource library specifically geared towards homeschoolers. It’s packed full of resources including videos, music, ebooks and games.

You have two options for access to SmartKidz Media

    • Monthly Membership $10.00
    • 1 Year Membership $99.00

Or try it out with a 14 Day FREE trial

There is something for everyone in SmartKidz Media so be prepared to fight over who gets viewing privileges.

To access SmartKidz Media you need access to the internet so any devices you have that can access the internet will be able to stream the videos for you.

What You Get in SmartKidz Media

There are two sections. The Family Media section and the Reading and Learning Center.

When you first log in to the Smart Kidz Media you’re presented with mostly all of the offerings in the Family Media section. If you hover over the image of a show you’re interested in watching details about it will pop up including the length.

The videos vary in length from a couple of minutes to half an hour and fall in the following categories.

Family Media Center

  • Animals & Wildlife Collections
  • Documentaries & Culture Collections
  • Health & Fitness: Includes workouts just for kids
  • History of WW2
  • History of Cold War
  • US History (Coming Soon!)
  • Lifestyles & Cuisine: This is where I hung out.
  • Science: This includes Bizarre Science and How Did They Make That. 
  • Travel & Adventure: World Wide Discovery Collections: Explore countries you might never get to travel to.
  • Fine Arts: This includes art and classical music.
  • Classical Music Collections: Self explanatory
  • Cultural Music Collections
  • Jazz and Blues Classics Collections
  • Relaxation Music Collections

In the Reading and Learning Center there are story songs and ebooks grouped for ages up to 8 years old.

  • Mighty E-Book Collection
  • Sign Language Collection
  • Special Needs Learning
  • Living Skills
  • Singing
  • Fun Zone

How We Used SmartKidz Media

Okay I admit right off the bat I opened up the International Cuisines and forced my family to watch all of them. I’m like that about cooking and once I got them started they enjoyed them too. I appreciate the variety of cuisines such as Czech but I don’t know that I learned much for the videos. Entertaining though.

Oh the animals! There are so many great videos on animals. Since my daughter is leaning towards becoming a veterinarian this is a great resource for her to learn about all kinds of animals. Although this is a resource aimed at homeschoolers I do recommend you screen the videos before giving your child wild abandon access to them. There may be some things you’re not ready for your kids to witness yet.

I also love the music section. Since we have learned the beauty of having background classical music going on during seatwork (and our portable CD player died) it was nice to have this incredible library of classical composers to listen to.

We are far from done exploring all there is to do in SmartKidz but I’m not limiting it’s use to the homeschool hours (which are about done).


My Thoughts on SmartKidz Media

There is one big features I would love to see in SmartKidz Media.

A Search box for sure. There is so much here and you may be looking for something particular. Right now there is no way to search for what you need. A simple search would help a lot.


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