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images: Charlotte's Clips, Smarty Symbols, and Messare Clips and Design
images: Charlotte’s Clips, Smarty Symbols, and Messare Clips and Design

Today is President’s Day and this is an Election Year so we’re studying quite a bit about the US Presidents here in our homeschool.

We’ve been studying the road to becoming a US President for a few weeks now. It’s not something you focus on in February but this year it’s great to learn about it year round.

The road to becoming a US President can seem confusing to a young child but there are a some resources to make it easier to understand.

US Presidents Printable Activities Book Set:  This is written by my mother (retired teacher) and can be purchased at Currclick. Features lots of resources on past presidents.

How to Become President of the US Poster: We order this poster to assist in the understanding of this complicated process. You can download the poster or order one. We ordered one as it’s much bigger for easier reading.

Liberty Kids DVD Set: We can’t get enough of this video series. It’s not really about the US Presidents (although George Washington features prominently in here) but it’s a fun way to see how it all began and to learn about the role a few future Presidents had in creating our free country.

HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections: We’re currently reviewing this Lapbook set by Homeschool in the Woods. Walk your student through learning about the US Presidential Elections while putting together a cute lapbook they can then show off.

Don’t Know Much About the Presidents: Book about the US Presidents.

US Presidents Quiz and Activities Book Pack Vol.2 Another President’s learning pack from my mother and I. This one is mostly about the White House and all that goes on there. Pick it up from Currclick.


These are just a few resources but together than can keep you busy for quite some time learning about our US Presidents past and present.

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