What Being on the Homeschool Review Crew Has Meant to My Family

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As we get ready to wind down another Homeschool Review Crew year it’s enlightening to look back and see what being on the Crew has meant in our households and lives.

I’ve been on the Homeschool Review Crew team since 2013. When I started homeschooling a few years before I kept landing on the blogs of people who were Crew members. They got to check out such great stuff and we even discovered a few great products from their reviews. I always thought it would be cool to review products with such a group, especially since I was already subscriber to the Schoolhouse Magazine for homeschoolers.  And then when I happened upon the application form at just the right time, it was kismet and I applied. Blessedly they accepted me and I’m so glad they did.

It’s been 3 years and much more than just a place to get free homeschool products. The Crew is a place where homeschoolers can connect and support each other. On our private message board we can share our daily lives, ask for prayer, give praise, share tricks and tips, deals and steals, and encourage each other in this fickle blogging world.

We come from all over the world and encompass many colors and sizes of families. No homeschooling method is the same and all have something to share.

We have been blessed to try out some great products and meet some great vendors who may be homeschoolers themselves.

For those of us in the middle of finding that great homeschool group in our town this one online will do just fine.Thank you very much! These ladies (and gent) are in the trenches with you. Through our reviews and sharing we have learned so much about blogging, schooling, homemaking (yes remember my MyFreezEasy post?) and more.

And support? There have been a few times when my husband has said, “Let’s ask ‘your people’ to help us pray.” Because we are here for each other. One member said it best. I won’t get the quote exactly right but the sentiment was that when your prayer request hits the prayer section on the message board considered it prayed for. We may not have time to type in the details but it’s a place we each visit daily.

So when the next year comes around and I think I’m too busy to continue to review more homeschool products I remember my great Crew family online and think, “Naw. I can’t give that up!”

And yes the products have been great. This past year some things that have been a blessing in this house have been…

The biggest surprise product has been a product that hasn’t arrived yet. It’s set to come in the mail next week just in time for a birthday. It’s a product I wouldn’t have thought of but that just fit perfectly. And that’s what the Crew is. Discovering great products that will bless your home life.


So you want to join us? There are a few requirements, the first being a blog, and the second a commitment to do your best. If you already homeschool and you have a blog check us out.

Crew Blog Applications now open!


And read about how the Homeschool Crew has blessed other homeschoolers.

What being on the Crew means ...

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