Why I Love Being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew (the 2015 version)



It’s that time again. The time for us to look back and talk about why we have so much fun on the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

This is my 3rd year being a part of this amazing group and there are so many benefits I think the best thing is to just list them all.

  1. All the great curriculum products we get to review HAVE to be at the top. Even though we use a great boxed curriculum I’ve discovered so many more products to enhance our learning days, get over humps, even homeschool on the go.
  2. The piano programs. Can I be specific here? I learned to play piano as an adult and really struggled to find a good product to help me learn at home once it became difficult to get to my in person piano teacher. Through the Schoolhouse Review Crew I’ve discovered one great portal that both my daughter and I now use exclusively (although I’m not adverse to trying others).
  3. The camaraderie. I’ve met so many great homeschooling moms (and dad) through the Crew. Some of them even close by! We share and learn together and have so much in common. Which is really nice.
  4. A part of my blog that the whole family can participate in. My family is a big part of my reviewing for the Crew. We test all the products together and that makes it that much more special (as opposed to my book reviews which are mine alone).
  5. Bonus Blogging Course. It’s like a blogging course for many of us. I’ve seen many ladies blogs really grow and become something special in the past couple of years. The information we learn about blogging is invaluable and worth a lot.

Well there’s probably much more to tell you about this great group but how about instead I invite you to be a part of it?

The School house Review Crew is now accepting applications for the 2016 run.

So check it out and see if it would be a good fit for you.

Here are some of the great products I got to review this past year.

Schoolhouse Crew Reviews 2015

Schoolhouse Review Crew 2016 Applications

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