Winding Down the Homeschool Year

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When the month of May arrives so does the light at the end of our homeschool tunnel. Summer is just about here and we’re chomping at the bit to finish up and get outdoors!

But not so fast!

Even though we’ve finished up a few subjects the heavy hitters of Math and English still have several weeks to go. So we have to squelch the desire for greener pastures and do our duty. Onward homeschool!

This past season we started homeschooling at the beginning of September last year as we have done in previous years. We meant to start at the end of August to get a good head start but, well, you know.

We take a 4 day school week in our homeschool and use an extra day mid-week for field trips, and just catching our breath.

We’re not so much tied to the public school calendar anymore now that I’ve finally realized it’s okay to move to the beat of your own drum 🙂 so our holidays and such are ones not necessarily all those that the calendar says (like we might do school on President’s day sssshhhhh!).

This year our summer plans including a few projects around the house, a yet unplanned trip, and plenty of outdoor play and gardening. We don’t have anything set in stone but summer is knocking at our door.

As I look around the homeschool room I take note of some things I would like to get in order before starting back up again next August.

#1 – Clean up the homeschool room. Possibly re-organize it. Based on how we work there is not much room for re-organization but I would still like to make an attempt. Our homeschool room also doubles as my office and craft room which probably take up more room than the homeschool stuff…maybe not. This is when I spend some time in Pintrest, in my magazines and books and just standing back and saying hmmmm…. We have plans to put another window in this room so we’ll see what I come up with.

#2 – Record grades. I’m awful. I’ll admit it. I’ve been letting papers build up without recording grades in my handy dandy spreadsheet. I’m not required to keep grades but I do. My daughter likes to get a grade for her courses so I’ll need to get on that.

#3 – Make summer learning plans. Summertime is when I like to work on life skills with my daughter. We seem to have more time then and she can throw her all into it if she likes. Using our Kids Cook Real Food ecourse (coming back soon) is top on my list. She loves to be in the kitchen and we took a break from this really fabulous because it is a course. Katie really gets in there and gives your child some great kitchen skills. You may learn something too. There are recipe books, videos, a shopping list…It takes a bit of planning so we tabled it until we have more time (summer).

#4 – Start thinking about what we want to learn next year. In addition to getting our basics all lined up I’ve been thinking about the supplemental stuff to round our what we (because in homeschooling you get two educations for the price of one) want to learn next year. This past year we spent some time learning about the presidential race and past presidents along with the history of a few missionaries.  Checking out the Build Your Bundle sale (NOW OVER) I can see a lot of great things to dive into. I know next year our history course will be ancient world history (this past year was US History) so I know that these specific products in the Build Your Bundle sale would probably be nice additions to our 6th grade curriculum…

  • The New Testament Colorful Lapbook
  • Color Through Ancient History
  • History Throughout the Ages
  • Ancient Egypt Colorful Lapbook with Study Guide

Mostly we want to use summer as a time to regroup and refresh. Learning never stops but the bookwork sure can!

Check back next year for the….

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