2014 – Learn and Grow With Me

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I’ve sat on the sidelines year after year as my bloggy friends each picked a word to define their year. What they would focus on. What meaning the word had in their lives and so on. Truthfully I thought it was kind of silly. And truthfully I’m still on the fence about how I feel about picking a word but a word nonetheless has been on my mind these past few months . Learn!  New Years inspire new goals, new ways of thinking of things. A chance to reboot and renew no matter how far into the fresh year you make it. So why not use this word to help me focus on learning throughout this coming year.


As any mom I’m busy. I have a lot going on and it seems more and more each month. I’ve been gathering tutorials and helpful tools along the way to help me Learn about putting better systems in place. Or using my tools more efficiently.

This year I have a lot of learning I want to do. This is not some fly by night New Year’s resolution. These are things that I’ve already been working on the past few months. So this year I want to…


  • learn how to be the best teacher for my daughter.
  • learn how to make yummier breakfasts.
  • learn more about cooking. Putting together flavors. Knife skills.
  • learn how to systematize my work processes so they don’t take so much time and so much out of me.
  • learn how to hear God’s voice more clearly.
  • learn from the many great resources I’ve purchased throughout the year that are gathering dust on my hard drive.
And let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful.

~Titus 3:14 KJV

2014 will be my year to learn and share with you.

1. Homeschool:First of all learning is most of what I do so I hope to have many more homeschooling tips and posts for you. Homeschooling is more than just 7:30 to 3 each day. It’s all day all the time. Not only is the Sweet Peanut learning but I am too.  Also for now all my homeschool reviews are over on the blog and I plan to move them throughout the year. I’ll keep the blog up for one year and then let it go.

2. Teach: I’ll also hopefully be providing more learning experiences for my readers. My initial goal for this site was to pass on my love of homemaking (yes I do love it). While that does cover a vast range of topics my main goal was to help you (my lovely readers) to have a more organized homelife. All styles of homekeeping will not work for all people but if I still aim to help you find that perfect blend for your own homelife. Look for more homemaking how to’s in 2014.

3. Personal Growth: In 2013 I picked quite a few ecourses on various subjects. My hope is that in 2014 I can go through some of those courses, learn a lot, and share what I’m learning in the processes.

Everything is a learning experience. I aim to learn all I can!

A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:  ~ Proverbs 1:5

 Here’s to a more knowledgeable 2014!

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