10 Tips for Planning your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner


Here are some tips for giving an fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner party that can be applied to any dinner party you host.


  • 1. Plan your menu first. Choose your dishes well in advance. If you will be serving a new recipe you discovered in a book, magazine, online, or from a friend, have a trial run first so you know what you are in for. Write this menu and the recipes down. Then start making that grocery list.
  • 2. Make a list of extra equipment you will need to rent or buy. Buy what you can well in advance. This goes for groceries also. Things like vegetables should wait until the last minute to be fresh but get what you can in advance.
  • 3. People will be looking forward to your specialties or dishes you are known for so include one or two of them.
  • 4. Have some dishes that can be prepared in advance and heated and served later. Searching online you can find recipes for things like overnight rolls, mashed potatoes done in advance. Of course try these recipes out well in advance before serving at the big meal.
  • 5. Get your house in order well before hand. Do your grand cleaning about 2 days before. The day before is not necessarily a good idea (unless you know your family will do their best to mess it up if you do it 2 days before) as you can use that time for last minute details and things you may have forgotten.
  • 6. Set the table in advance. The day of, of course. Plates and cups can be turned over if you have concerns.
  • 7. Don’t set a definite time for dinner, set an approximate time.
  • 8. Have a time of relaxation before the meal.
  • 9. Make dessert a chilled affair. That makes it easier to prepare in advance and mark one more thing off your list. Happy you!
  • 10. Plan on having a lot of leftovers? Purchase some of those disposable storage containers to offer your guests take home packs. We do this every year and it’s a big hit.

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