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Free Menu Planning Templates

It’s Day 5 of my FREE Printables Series and today is about Menu Plans. Do you plan your menus each week? If not it’s a huge load off of your back when you do. You go shopping once a week and know what is for dinner each night.


Tips for Successful Menu Planning


  • Start a Meal Plan calendar where you list what you eat for dinner all month.
  • Spend some time each week browsing for new recipes to try. Change things up on the dinner table.
  • Get family input on what they would like to eat.
  • Pinterest, computer file, printed binder.  Choose a place where you would like to keep your recipes.
  • Use freezer meals for busy nights
  • Keep it simple and have a theme for each night of the week.

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Articles on Menu Planning

Have you started menu planning yet? What? No?  Meal planning can be customized to make it work for you and your family. It doesn’t have to be complicated or super involved. It is a very helpful tool for a homemaker to have. Busy or not unless you are a personal chef I don’t think you want to spend all your free time in the kitchen. Am I right? And trying to come up with a good dinner 30 minutes before you need to feed your family is never fun and can be stress inducing. You can make up your meal plans or find ones that are done for you. As of the writing of this post I just finished creating my two week menu plan using a freezer cooking resource that I love.


Free Menu Planning Printables

  1. What Mommy Does offers a free Menu Planning Printable that gives you space for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.
  2. Miss Information shares this pretty blue Menu Planning Template and Shopping list from her site. (it’s an extra bonus that there is no signup necessary)
  3. 3 Boys and a Dog has a nice Meal Planning Printable with cute food clipart decorating the page. There’s a cute box for each day of the week.
  4. Simply Unscripted has gone all out and created a Monthly Menu Printable so you can be set for the whole month!
  5. Dear Crissy has a full Menu Planner for you complete with Meal Planning Template, Recipe Cards, Grocery List, Recipes to Try and even a Conversion Kit!
  6. Krista over at the House Housie organized her pantry and created these Meal Planning Templates to go with the new look.
  7. Like pretty prints? Krista at I Should Be Mopping the Floors (love that name) has made 3 different border designed Meal Planning Templates.
  8. Our Hand Crafted Life has a Practical Meal Planning Template with a Categorized Grocery List.
  9. Angela at Juggling Act Mama, has made a pretty and colorful landscape oriented Meal Planning Template and Grocery List and also some great tips on getting your meal planning act together.
  10. The Holy Mess has another Meal Planning Set for you in pretty color glory.
  11. Another menu plan with a grocery shopping list and even a diagram of what cuts from cows! From Today’s Creative Life.
  12. Tater Tots and Jello has a few Printable Meal Planning Templates that you can slip into picture frames to make and erasable menu plan.

Hope you enjoy and use this list of Printable Menu Planning Templates. Meal planning can help you save money, lose weight, and be more organized. It’s a win win situation!

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