5 Quick Breakfast Plans



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Children cannot operate at their best without this meal. You cannot be at your best without this meal. And did you know if you’re trying to lose weight it’s important to include breakfast? Eating a good breakfast can help to keep you from making poor choices for lunch and even dinner. Kind of liking not going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. You just grab anything.


Now breakfast is not as hard as you may think. It’s quite easy to have a nice varied, quick and easy breakfast each day of the week.

Factor in your time, who are you feeding, and what you can and do have on hand.


  1. Cold Cereal: By far the easiest and quickest but don’t leave it at that. Add a boiled egg for protein and some fruit.  You can buy frozen berries and thaw a few in the fridge the night before as an added topping. Don’t have time to make a boiled egg in the morning? Make a few the night before. They keep several days in the fridge. They won’t be piping hot but they will still hit the spot.


  1. Hot cereal: You’re not limited by just oatmeal. There is seven grain cereal. Ten grain cereal. Grits (not my favorite). Wheatina. Be sure and add some protein here too. A boiled egg is great. Top your hot cereal off with some apple sauce or even better apple butter. Yumm!!!


  1. Pancakes: These are so quick and easy to make if you have a few minutes. Don’t buy the mix, make them yourself. I have a vintage recipe for some buckwheat cakes that I have made and enjoyed. If you like buckwheat then here is the vintage recipe and here is a delicious modern day recipe (also tried). Add some fruit and your kids will be smiling. Now again if you don’t have time you can mix up the buckwheat kind the night before. For all others mix your dry ingredients and your liquids. Refrigerate the liquids until morning and then add together when you are ready to cook.


  1. Scrambled eggs: So quick it’s almost criminal. Beat your eggs before adding them to the hot skillet. I also add a dash of salt and a splash of water (makes them fluffier). You can put them in a leftover pancake and roll out the door.


  1. Smoothies: Shouldn’t these be for dessert? Another quick on the go way to get your morning breakfast. Frozen berries, yogurt, milk or juice, and a banana if you prefer. Use your immersion blender (get one that chops frozen foods) and have a quick breakfast for shooting out the door. If you have nutritional supplements that you want to add to your morning routine it’s easy to add them to a smoothie. Kids LOVE smoothies.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be time consuming and overwhelming. Once you start eating right in the morning your body will become addicted to it and demand a healthy start. You may start noticing you have more energy and are getting more done.


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