August 25, 2014 Monday – Menu Plan

Happy Monday people! I feel like my head is coming up out of the sand. We are on week three of living in our new home and while it doesn’t feel like “home” yet it’s getting there.

I’ve been struggling in the dinner department because our new oven doesn’t work. Granted it is still hot out so I’m not using the oven anyway but it’s the principal of the thing and it seems to be stiffling my creativity.

We have a Whirlpool something or other and I’m not impressed with the company. Our oven has not worked from day one and instead of replacing this “lemon” (it came with the house) the Whirlpool support insists on “trying” to repair it 3 times before replacing it. Evidently even though we are on visit number 3 from the repair company this only counts as twice since there were no parts installed on the first try. Grrrrr! So yes almost 3 weeks later still no oven!

So what have we been eating? Well the first week was entirely on stores (you know surplus) moved over from our old home.  I did go to the store and pick up some milk and eggs but that was it.

Week two I purchased a little more at the store. Some fruit, a bit of meat, some wraps and salsa.

This week I haven’t made my grocery list yet since I feel out of sync with the whole oven thing but I’m attempting to put a menu together.

So here you go!

Monday:  Ground Turkey with Garam Masala spice over couscous (quick way of cooking ground turkey for)

Tuesday: Skillet Chicken Drumsticks

Wednesday: Skillet Fried Lemon Chicken

Thursday: Sloppy Joes

Friday: Chicken Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

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