Menu Plan Monday January 11, 2016 and a Trim Healthy Mama Update

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Happy Monday! Second week of January! Woot woot!

Real Food Menu Planning

I decided to rename my little banner up there Real Food because that’s what I cook.

I’ve been cooking real food longer than it’s been en vogue so I never really thought about it but I would like to share a little bit more about what I do and what I’ve been doing.

Just bits and pieces so this isn’t a tell all post. I’ll do that another time.


I’ve been digging in to my Trim Healthy Mama cookbook and have an update for you on how I’m feeling, eating, and getting along.

All my/our meals are not Trim Healthy Mama so let’s just get that out there now. My husband and daughter are pretty lean so for them it’s just a matter of trying new recipes and no weight to lose.

For me I want to be a Trim Healthy Mama to lose a few pounds and also eat better during the day. I’ve never been good about being organized with breakfasts and lunches and I’m finding following this plan (sort of) is really helping that.  So I’m giving it a try with tweaks to fit us and how we already eat. I’m still learning and trying.

From the cookbook this past week I had a couple Protein smoothies and Eggs and Avs (eggs and avocado) for breakfast. We ate Troodle (zucchini) noodles with spaghetti sauce (they had regular pasta). We had salads in a jar (which my husband labeled ‘amazing’). And almond and flaxseed muffins too (not so great, internet recipe).

For this coming week I made some Berry Crunch Bars to use on the run this week when we have activities out of the house.  I had to make the Trim Healthy mama jam first (pictured below). They are good but let’s just say I wish I had made them with coconut sugar instead of the Super Sweet Blend from Trim Healthy Mama.

Here are some pics of some of this stuff…trim-healthy-mama-week2

Since my order came I feel like I’ve been living in the kitchen but it’s been good.

With baked goods I do not like the stevia/Super Sweet Blend taste. Blech! I’ll be switching up to coconut sugar for those asap.

I’ve only tried one dessert so far but I have the lime cheesecakey/pie thing on my radar. ‘Cept I’m not fond of cream cheese so my sister is giving tips for editing that.

Weight wise I think I’ve lost a pound which is really surprising because I only eat one or two THM meals a day. Energywise my husband caught a cold and passed it on so that hasn’t been great.

Seasonal Ideas:


In other news the Kids Cook Real Food Course opens today. We’ve been reviewing this course for the last few months and I just have to tell you that if you’ve been looking for a good video course to teach your child (no matter the age…well maybe not 2) to cook then this is worth your time. It’s given my daughter confidence in the kitchen and I’m impressed. I’m no chef but I’m really impressed with the skills that Katie is teaching. Especially the knife skills WHICH you can view for FREE for a limited time using this link => Knife Skills for Kids FREE mini-course

Check out a couple of images from the eCourse…

Now on with the show. Here’s my….

My Weekly Menu Plan:

THM Stands for Trim Healthy Mama


Oatmeal (soaked overnight so have to think about this in advance)

Fried Eggs (daughter’s favorite)

Berry Crunch Bars (THM)

Protein Smoothies (THM)


Three Minute Salad (THM)


(we’re still working on lunch)


Monday: Leftover Turkey with Lima Beans

Tuesday: Meat loaf  Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday: Turkey Burgers

Thursday: Split Pea Soup

Friday: Korean Tacos on Homemade Pita Bread (eventually I’ll start soaking the flour or something)

What’s on your menu?


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