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Happy Monday! Welcome to my post revisiting what we ate last week and dreaming about what we’ll eat, for dinner that is, this week.

Last week I scored at our regular grocery market and got some boneless, skinless, hormone free chicken for $1.99 a pound. Remember the good ol days when you could get it for 99 a pound? Yeah well this week this WAS the good new days and so I picked up 13 packets of the chicken.

What am I going to do with all this chicken? Well for now, since it’s frozen in 1.5 lb packs I’m keeping it as is and will cook it up in stir fries and whatnot.  I did make a skillet chicken recipe from Simplified Dinners which was really good.

We also went to a new to us grocery store last week. Natural Grocers. I had never heard of it but we received a gift card for it and decided to check it out. My verdict? It was rather expensive. There were some coupons for free stuff (which hubby loved) and tons of vitamins but I could never shop there weekly for our groceries. There was hardly any produce or meat and some items were dollars more than I usually pay for at our regular grocery. So we got a few things with the gift card and thanked the checkout person for their time.

We did happen to pick up a pack of bacon which we have not had in years. We came home and made BLTs (see the image above). They were delicious. My not normally food picky daughter wanted all her element seperate on the plate. Go figure.

My husband also came home with some ground lamp and a desire to make us a dish he had learned from one of his customers. So we let him loose in the kitchen and went off to do other things. He made delicious ground lamb sandwiches (really using up that bread I made) with avocado and yogurt. They were really moist and yummy.

Later to our regular grocery store where I found my chicken deal and bags of not perfect apples for $1.00. Washington is apple country so we have tons of yummy varieties.

All this bulk shopping put me in the mindset that I really need to be cooking for the freezer and then I landed on this great post about preparing a batch of dinners for the freezer. I haven’t done this in so long and on my next beginning of the month shopping trip I would like to be prepared to even do a fraction of this.

Do you cook for the freezer? Tell me about it in the comments.

Last week I also made yogurt and bread. The bread was from a new recipe that I thought would come out good. It was from the King Arthur website, had to sit overnight, and came out dismally. This week I’m going to make a bread recipe from my Amish cookbook. It makes two loaves and looks simple. Too much experimenting does not always make good.

I would also like to make a casserole or two…. eeep!

Anyway this is what my skeleton menu looks like this week.

Monday: Leftovers (steak this week)

Tuesday: Chicken Casserole?

Wednesday: To Be Determined (grocery shopping day)

Thursday: Soup

Friday: Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

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