Monday – Menu Plan Back to School Week 2 and a Taste of Italy

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pasta-days I’m excited because we’re making a Costco trip!

It’s our first big box trip since moving and I need some stuff!

I won’t list all the things we will be buying but in the food department I want to pick up some fish and some grass fed beef.

Last week we ended up swapping Wednesday’s meal for pizza. We found a new local pizza company that doesn’t cause any allergic reaction in me so we had a mini celebration with that. Our we did have some yummy hamburgers but those were on Friday. We had a couple meals with some steak last week and that is always good.

This week I have a hankering for some pasta. I really should be making pasta from scratch but I don’t feel settled yet so that will have to wait. I did, however, find many of my cookbooks one of which is an old Italian cookbook with the recipes printed in English and Italian. The bad news is I lost it again. I found it in a box in the garage but since I’m working a sort of clean up system in our garage it was a box not on my list to take out and go through yet. So I left it in there and now I can’t remember where I saw it.

So this week I have two Italian meals and same ol’ same ol’ for the rest. Okay the Italian meals are nothing new either but I just have this hankering them!

Monday: Pasta (just spaghetti and meatsauce) Yumm!

Tuesday: Wild Coho and bamboo rice

Wednesday: Beef Broccoli Stir Fry

Thursday: Minestrone Soup

Friday: Chicken Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

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