Monday Menu Plan Febuary 1, 2016

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Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a lovely start to the week. This post is all about food so let’s get started!

My GrubMarket Giveaway ended this weekend. Thank you for everyone who entered. The winner has been contacted. This is one of those giveaways I wish I had a whole bundle of boxes to give everyone but that wasn’t the case. I’ll have another juicy giveaway for you in a few days. It’s not food but it’s a nice “tidy” giveaway nonetheless (that was a hint).

Back to food. I’m still doing quite a bit of Trim Healthy Mama. I have an email buddy (shout out! You know who you are 🙂 and she having her to bounce ideas off of has been tremdously helpful. This is not my first time trying Trim Healthy Mama but this is the first time I “get it”. It’s more than losing weight. It’s about a healthier body. And now that I’m reaping those benefits (yaaay) I can see why so many love it so. You have to own too so if you find an ingredient particularly unpalatable find a substitute (this is me talking) but stick to the main principles. I truly have never been so full in my life! And I love to cook and even experiment in the kitchen.
We’re on week 2 of no shopping and it’s been particularly hard in the grocery department! That’s very telling. After housing that is without a doubt our biggest bill. I don’t know what I buy because we really haven’t needed anything. Goodness! This is a good chance to eat through the freezer and pantry.

Seasonal Ideas:

Groundhog Day is tomorrow!

My Weekly Menu Plan:


I’ve been making granola. Ooh yummy! I don’t think it’s quite THM (Trim Healthy Mama) but it’s close to the quick pan one in the book. I bake it in the oven as I make a big batch. My husband eats it up.


For me it will probably be Fuel Pull Smoothies. For my daughter soups, sandwiches, and salads.



Monday: Baked Salmon and lots of veggies.

Tuesday: Cilantro Lime Crockpot Chicken Legs (THM)

Wednesday: Ground Turkey Burgers

Thursday: Split Pea Soup and Sandwiches

Friday: Homemade pitas with meat of some sort and a few veggies (not quite sure how to phrase that one)

What’s on your menu?


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