Monday Menu Plan for May 18, 2015

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menu_plan_monday_518This Wednesday is National Pick Strawberries day!

We haven’t seen our local U-Pick farm signs for strawberry picking up yet but we’re talking, planning and getting really excited to stuff the freezer. This year my aunt wants to tag along as her new Vitamix is inspiring her to make a daily smoothie for breakfast. Isn’t that so healthy of her?!

DO you like to U-Pick fruits and veggies? What! You never have?! Well we U-Pick strawberries, and peaches (yumm, yumm). It is so nice to have this fruit available in the winter when all thoughts of gardening are out the window.

If you need a great place to track down all the U-Pick farms in your area drop by PickYourOwn (there are also great preserving recipes there).  Scroll down a little, pick your state, and then your county or section of your state. There is lots of information for year round harvests, how to pick, how to store, and more.

In this week’s dinner news I’ve been thinking of filling the freezer more with prepared dinners. Haven’t quite got past the meatloaf and some spaghetti sauce ideas but the thought is there and that will hopefully fruit into full fledged action.

As if to keep me on my toes about this issue I found a great resource for Freezer Meals from Costco. There are plenty of books and resources out there for freezer meals but this is the first one I found based on shopping from Costco. There are two versions and right now I’m leaning more towards version two. The price can’t be beat also. $2.49 for the recipes and shopping list. There’s also a Gluten Free Version, and Make Ahead and Breakfast Edition.  My Costco shopping for the month is done but I would like to do this in June for sure. If I forget remind me please.

Here’s what’s on the Quinn Menu for the week starting May 18, 2015

Monday: Baked Salmon and Baked Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday: Meatloaf

Wednesday: Stir Fry

Thursday: Leftover Chicken Drumsticks in Tomato Soup

Friday: Ground Beef Quesadillas



What’s on your menu?

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