Monday – Menu Plan for October 6, 2014

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Sometimes I fear Sunday evenings.

The time when I must again plan what we are to eat for the coming week.

Is there enough meat in the freezer (I grocery shop on Wednesdays)? Have I been feeding my family balanced enough meals? Then why is my husband losing weight again? Oh wait maybe it’s because I don’t have enough healthy snacks around the house.

Okay well you get the idea.

Menu Planning can be a bit stressful for me. But I always make it through and we always seem to eat well.

I think there are several types of Menu Planning.

Weekly Menu Planning – This is the one most people do. Plan exactly what is for dinner, make out that grocery list, get the items and know what is for dinner each night.

Freezer Menu Planning – Where dinner is already in the freezer and if you do any cooking during the week it’s to pack that freezer full again so dinner is at the ready.

Theme Menu Planning – This is the one I tend to do.Where you may not know exactly what’s for dinner but you know the main characters and you know what style. Some of my themes may change week to week and the recipes definitely change but I usually pick what kind of dish I’m going to prepare based on the day of the week.

Last week I did A LOT of cooking. At least as far as I’m concerned.

I made homemade bread.

Then I made something called Bang Bang Chicken which was delicious and they (my family) had to pull the dish away from me. I’ve never heard of this chicken before. It’s basically chicken nuggets (I used breast tenders) covered in a flour mix and then in panko crumbs. There’s also a sauce to go with it but I mixed up several different things to come up with something I probably can’t duplicate. If it’s some restaurant dish remember I don’t really eat out (does pasta Instead of deep frying I fried the chicken in only about a quarter inch of oil. You can find the original recipe here at JoJo Cooks. Nummy!


I also made my yogurt again. This time it was the Bulgarian culture from Cultures for Health.

Then I made meatballs for the freezer. I used a ground beef, ground turkey mix. These were so good they’ve been disappearing. I have enough left for one more meal.


I finally tried one of the recipes on my Pinterest board. One pan pasta dinner. That’s the picture of it at the top. It is actually very good. You dump all you ingredients for a main pasta dish in a pot and boil the dickens out of it. Okay maybe simmer but it cooks up very nicely. I think I used too small a pot because some of my pasta stuck together but regardless it was another yummy dish. My family doesn’t think dinner is complete without some sort of dead protein around so I added some smoked salmon to make it complete.

Speaking of pasta I liked the One pan pasta dinner so much I bought a pack of pasta at Costco. I really should be using that lovely pasta machine in my pantry but I’m still feeling a bit lazy about it. I’ll get to it before the year is out though.

Now this week instead of telling you detail of what’s for dinner how about instead I show you my theme thing and then I’ll come back next week to see what I came up with?

Sound good? To me to!

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Fish or Italian

Wednesday: Surprise me night

Thursday: Soup and Sandwiches

Friday: Mexican Night


What’s on your menu?

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  1. I need to work on my menu plan again. I used to have it all laid out, but now I’m failing miserably. I’ve made this one pot pasta and it was good. I need to try the Chicken now. Thanks!

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