Monday Menu Plan September 21, 2015

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Happy Monday. It’s a new week and new start to healthier eating (I think that every week!).  Last week dinner was healthy and yummy. I’ve been trying to slowly up the veggie intake and amazingly that dropped our weekly grocery bill too! That was surprising. It was about $20 less than what I had imagined it would be.

To keep track of everything I put in my cart I have my daughter keep track with a calculator. I pay her $.50 and she does a very good job. It’s helping to give her a better understanding of using money in every day life too. But more on that at another time.

Seasonal Ideas:

It’s National Organic Harvest Month and after posting my final gardening blog post of the season my garden has decided to give one last hurrah and is pulling out all the stops to give me some great produce here at season’s end.

I’ve got a ton of zucchini coming in. My dying tomato plants now decided to produce a bumper crop (grrrrr). I have beans where I didn’t before and just when I was deciding I could pull up the pepper plants I note several peppers growing.

We don’t usually switch over to really cooler temperatures until late October so I’ll hold off taking anything down until then.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Baked Salmon and Rice

Tuesday: Salmon Croquettes (from leftover salmon)

Wednesday: Homemade Hamburgers

Thursday: Chicken Coconut Curry

Friday: Ground Turkey Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?


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