Monday Menu Plan September 28, 2015

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Greetings: Happy Monday! Last week my baking of Whole Wheat Bread from the Gather Around the Amish Cookbook sort of launched us into cooler weather cooking.

The bread was so yummy my husband and I found ourselves looking for excuses to eat it. Nevertheless a four loaf recipe is almost gone and I’ll probably need to make some more at the end of the week (don’t judge us).

Hubby also came home with a 25lb sack of red lentils along with green lentils and split peas so I think you can guess what’s on the menu right?

This week I also discovered I need to be a little more organized at the end of the week. We have a few activities that run into the evenings on Thursday through Saturday and due to a few factors we’re always late for them.

Dinner plays a big part in that since we need to eat before heading out. So I need to come up with a few freezer dinners that are ready to go and get myself out of the kitchen!

As part of my recent Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle I got credit for a Once a Month Meals Membership. I’m currently testing out the Pro Version.

I had seen the banners around for Once a Month Meals but never quite grasped what it was about. Well after getting in there I really like it so far.

If you’re interested you can try out a Mini Membership when you sign up for the mailing list. The Mini Membership will give you 5 recipes from your chosen category to try out.

The recipes come from all over but what Once a Month Meals does is organize them into freezer meals for you with menus, recipe cards, prep instructions, shopping lists, cooking day instructions, labels, and a thaw sheet. There are several categories including vegetarian, gluten free, whole foods, allergen, diet and more.  You can browse and check out, try, individual recipes.

Pick your menu, decided for how many people, pick your metric system, print and go! I picked the September menu and tweaked a few of the recipes (you can swap out ones you don’t want with ones you do). Once a Month Meals


Seasonal Ideas:

October is knocking at our door and as if I need another reason to get more apples October also marks Apple Month. So go out and make some great apple dishes. Delicious homemade recipes for using all those apples.

In more seasonal news…

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My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Lentil Stew and Baked Chicken Legs

Tuesday: Meat Loaf and Potatoes

Wednesday: Juicy Apple Turkey Burgers Once a Month Meals

Thursday: Minestrone and Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Friday: Ground Turkey Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?


*This post contains affiliate links

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