Monday – Menu Plan December 16, 2013


Woo hoo! Another Monday and a day to focus on food. For the for coming week that is.

Last week I did a lot of cleaning of the fridge. We had leftovers for several days which makes me happy because it’s less work.

This week I have a big salmon I need to cook. It’s sitting, whole, in the feezer. Oy vey how I wish it were fillet and all nicely deboned for me. Here’s a nice recipe that stuffs a whole salmon with lemon and dill.

Monday: Today is normally leftover or fish day. I have a whole salmon in the freezer so I’m going to cook that up and use the leftovers for quiches.

Tuesday: Tuesday’s I tend to make stir fries. I like to sautee zucchini, carrots, and cabbage for my stir fries. Haven’t though of the protein yet.

Wednesday: In the summer Wednesdays are our pasta days. My daughter and I make pasta together. I haven’t pulled out the pasta machine yet these last few months but I still like to make pasta dishes. I have some smoked salmon which is delicious with pasta and artichokes. Strong flavors in a delicious dish.

Thursday: Thursday has become comfort food day. I’m thinking of making a meatloaf this week. How does that sound? Then again I could switch to my regular soup theme for this day.

Friday: Fridays are Mexican night. Lately (I’m the past 2 years) we’ve had a kind of make your own Mexican dish night. Mine is a quesadilla finished off in a cast iron skillet. With a side of Avocado it’s delicious!


What’s on your menu?

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