My Soy Free Menu Plan for Monday Feb. 17, 2014


It’s Monday again and time for me  to round up the week’s menu.

Why do I call my menu soy-free? Simple. I’m allergic to soy so there’s no soy in my menus. Even when I have an Asian dish there is no soy in my menu plan.

Last week’s dinner menu was highlighted (per my husband) by the potatoes we had on Monday. We  had meatloaf and mashed potatoes and following the Cooking Illustrated tip I added the butter before adding the milk. The butter “surrounds” the potato and then the milk can fluff the whole thing up. I used whatever those smaller white/yellow potatoes at the grocery store are. DH really liked them and is asking for more which is really saying something because he’s generally not fond of potatoes.

I slipped in on Wednesday with nachos. We had a busy day and I actually didn’t have anything on the menu planned. I used some meat leftovers in the fridge and ground them up. Topped some chips with cheese and beans and meat and baked until the cheese melted. We ate with condiments. It was yummy and hit the spot.


Monday: Turkey, Rice, Broccoli (I’ve been shaving the stems of broccoli since seeing the Master Chefs do this on my favorite show. It does make a difference so I’m willing to go through the hassle for a better meal).

Tuesday: Asian Ground Turkey Meatballs with Rice Noodles

Wednesday: Lamb Gyros with cucmbers

Thursday: Let’s try this again… Soup and Sandwiches

Friday: Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

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