On the Kitchen Counter and Making Our Monday Menu Plan May 15, 2017

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Happy Monday!

It’s time to put together a menu for this new week.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. I usually do my menu planning on Sunday evening after the family is in bed but I was pretty tired last night and didn’t get to it.  I also don’t have their input but that’s okay.

Moving on…


Breakfast this week I would like to make some Sourdough Pancakes. This is the recipe I generally use and it comes out well. If you are interested in Sourdough and the tips and recipes I use here’s my nice list.


For dinner this week I have leftover salmon (from Sunday) ground chicken (it was on sale at the store last week) more chicken drumsticks, and pork roasts. Oh I also have some talapia fillets that I breaded with panko. They were also on sale so I made one set and froze another set for another day.

Here’s what’s on the menu for this week.

Monday: I’m making Salmon Patties from the leftover salmon. This is the recipe I’m using. I’ll be serving with leftover rice and a salad.

Tuesday: Ground Chicken Asian Lettuce Wraps

Wednesday: Orange Chicken Trim Healthy Mama Style

Thursday: Sloppy Joes MyFreezEasy style

Friday: DIY Mexican fare. I make quesadillas, my husband makes tacos, and my daughter makes some sort of mexican pizza. All using the same ingredients just cooked up differently.


So that’s what we’re having this week. What about you? What’s on the dinner plate for this week?

Have a good week at the table 

What’s on your menu?

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