On the Kitchen Counter and Making Our Monday Menu Plan May 8, 2017

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Happy Monday!

It’s time to put together a menu for this new week.

I do my menu planning on Sunday evening after the family is in bed. But before they go off to sleep I get a little input on what they might want to eat in the coming week.


But before that even began I spent some time on Saturday making some breakfast foods. I made a big batch of granola using a recipe from [easyazon_link identifier=”030788726X” locale=”US” tag=”mommybabytool-20″]Homemade Pantry[/easyazon_link]. This book was an anniversary gift a few years ago and I turn to it for basics such as this. Yummy granola hits the spot. I also made a batch of cinnamon rolls but that is quickly disappearing![disclaimer: this post contains occasional affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information]


In the freezer ground beef, ground turkey, chicken drumsticks, a pork loin, and a pork roast. It’s more than enough for this week so now it’s time to figure out what kinds of meals.

Monday we’ll eat leftovers. There’s plenty of small pieces of dishes from last week and that always makes for a hearty dinner come Monday.

I would like to use the chicken drumsticks on Tuesday and make simple skillet dish with tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger. Add little chicken stock and simmer until chicken is done. I serve that over rice with a veggie on the side.

Wednesday is actually my errand day so for my Wednesday through Friday meals I can be a little freer because I can pick up any items needed at the grocery store.

This week is warmer than it has been in a while so on Wednesday simple sloppy joes and potato salad on the side will be yummy.

Thursday we have gymnastics class in the early evening so a dinner that come from the instant pot is ideal here.

And then Friday is our usual Mexican style fare of some sort.

Saturday and Sunday will take care of themselves.

Have a good week at the table 

What’s on your menu?

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