On the Kitchen Counter February 13, 2017

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Happy Monday!

We’re back in the kitchen this Monday where I spent a lot of time last week. I’m full speed ahead on Trim Healthy Mamaand the first week was a success! (that means pounds lost).

This time around with THM I’m going the stevia route instead of coconut sugar. At least for me, that has made a big difference. I wanted to cut back on sugar for the sake of my teeth.  Teeth are one sign of what is going on in your body and after getting sick in December it seemed as if my teeth had suffered a setback.  In the interest of strengthening them I’ve pretty much cut out all sugar (a touch here and there still passes my lips) along with a few other things. I’m working on my supplements (D, K2, Calcium) and eating more veggies (that comes with THM).

I thought I would really miss the sugar but I don’t. Aside from a few Trim Healthy Mama treats I’m so full from my regular food I’m not interested in desserts or finding that sweet treat at the end of the day.

I still struggle with the eating every 3 hours and I know, crazily enough, that some people don’t lose because they are not eating enough but my body seems to be happy with the way things are going so that’s good.

Now the problem is to figure out how to combine MyFreezEasy, my Instant Pot, and Trim Healthy Mama into one complete meal plan.

I’m testing out my sourdough this week. If it works you’ll hear about it next week.

On to dinner…

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Leftovers Trim Healthy Mama

Tuesday: Crockpot Beef and Gravy

Wednesday: Ground Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries (for hubby and daughter)

Thursday: Minestrone Soup and Turkey Sandwiches

Friday: Some kind of meat on Sprouted Tortilla Wraps

What’s on your menu?

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