On the Kitchen Counter for the Week of September 12, 2016



Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and a delicious past week. We have. We enjoyed many meals from our MyFreezEasy plan.

We cooked some corned beef in the Instant Pot last night for guests. That’s my husband’s favorite meal and mine….not so much. I humor him though since I’m usually the one that gets to make what they like all the time. He was the one who suggested using the Instant Pot so I guess

Made some bread from my Miracle Dough book over the weekend and then woke up with a massive headache the next day! Gluten issue? I’m not sure but I’m being a little careful with my gluten intake and monitoring headaches for now. I’m headache prone but usually I attribute them to the weather. It was sunny and dry so… anyway.

This week I’m going to try my hardest not to eat through our freezer meals. They are supposed to be used for extra busy days of which I have two maybe three this week.

So here’s what’s on the Kitchen Counter this week….

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Corned Beef Leftovers

Tuesday: Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps (MyFreezEasy)

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes (MyFreezeEasy)

Thursday: Lentil Soup

Friday: Chicken Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

    • Read some Menu Planning articles for tips on planning your weekly menu
    • I’m trying something new! Well kinda.  MyFreezeEasy Make 10 meals for your freezer in an hour!


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  1. I love your simple plans. We basically do this on a dry erase board in the kitchen but I have gotten out of the habit. Need to get back into it.

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