On the Kitchen Counter Monday January 9, 2016

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Happy Monday!

I feel like I’m coming out of a long deep winter. Even though there is ice and snow on the ground in our home it’s a brighter day.

You see we’ve been under the weather, all out sick, since the last week of December! First it was me, then my daughter, and finally my husband who wasn’t going to let a little cold bring him down so he made the mistake of going out and got even sicker.

As awful as it all was I can actually look on the bright side and see 3 good things that came out of it.

  1. We’re all going to bed earlier and waking earlier. A byproduct of being sick is you just happily go to bed. Early. Also my husband had a few sleepless nights that resulted in completely changing my sleeping habits. Since we know that Mornings Matter this is a good thing.
  2. The freezer is getting cleaned out. This is something we badly needed to do and since we haven’t been grocery shopping in a few weeks I’ve been creative with what we have at home. It’s working out very well!
  3. We got a jump start on some New Years Goals. It seems that every year the goal is to eat healthier and exercise. In an effort to heal we started doing that without thinking about the New Year.  Even my husband, who has no body fat, expressed an interest in getting in some stretching exercises.

Initially I had also lost a bit of weight and that would have been another positive to come out of this but it’s pretty much all come back now. On the other hand my husband lost a bit of weight and is having a hard time putting it back. Oh to have to work so hard to gain weight! Totally unfair! Totally!

Here are my dinner plans for this week….

Tomorrow is the last day for the Grocery Budget Bootcamp eCourse!

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Leftover Pork Roast

Tuesday: Lemon Chicken (MyFreezEasy)

Wednesday: Cranberry Apple Porkchops  (MyFreezEasy)

Thursday: Mediterranean Salmon  (MyFreezEasy)

Friday: Homemade Pizza

What’s on your menu?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you all have been ill. I caught a mild cold just before New Year’s Eve which triggered an asthma attack. I’m still dealing with that. Really puts a crimp in things, doesn’t it?

    Your menu looks yummy! I followed you here from I’m an Organizing Junkie . By the way, I homeschooled my two kids years ago. We started when they were entering 4th and 7th grades and continued until they graduated high school. I loved the experience and both kids are very glad we did. 🙂

    Here is my menu for the week: http://lifewithdee.com/menu-monday-january-9-2017/

    1. Yes it does Deanna. Sorry about your asthma attack. That really sounds awful. Thank you for sharing about your homeschool experience. We revisit every year and our daughter still loves it.

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