The Coming Week Including our Menu Plan for July 11, 2016

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Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. We took it easy this past weekend and worked the yard inbetween church activities. I’ve had plenty or broccoli ripen this week along with lots of Swiss Chard and onions. My zucchini if finally showing some fruit so I hope to be harvesting that soon.

Around the House

Inside this week I tidied my husband’s office (it was really, really bad) and started decluttering the house beginning with the master bathroom in 15 minute increments.

I don’t have a deadline for this decluttering. I’m just working through the house as I have time. Clear spaces make for a much more inviting home.

Do you regularly declutter? Answer in the comments below.

In the School Room

Isn’t it nice that I crossed that out? Because we are officially done (except for a few review items) finally! We finished up math last week and now the Sweet Peanut is officially doing Vacation Stations and a few review items (gotta keep the mind going during the summer y’know).

We already have our curriculum for the 2016-17 year. I’ve been going through it little bit by little bit and getting it organized for the new year.

I’ve also been finalizing grades so I can file everything away.

At the Dining Table

The bulk of our produce is coming from the little garden now. So cool! Peas, radishes, swiss chard, zucchini, onions, and hopefully soon tomatoes. We ate up all the lettuce so I’ve started some more. I’m not doing so well in the herb department but I need to find permanent homes for them.

Fruit is coming from sweet friends who make a regular trip to the u-pick farm. I don’t know if they know how much they’ve blessed this fruit loving family.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Crab Cakes

Tuesday: Crispy Catfish Salad (did I post this recipe yet?)

Wednesday: Chuck Roast in the Oven

Thursday: Asian Style Soup

Friday: Chicken Quesadillas

What’s on your menu?

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