The Coming Week Including Our Menu Plan for July 25, 2016

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Happy Monday! Does it feel like summer is over? It doesn't to me but everywhere you go it's Back to School time! What?Already? Doesn't it seem like that starts earlier and earlier every year?

We're not done with summer by a long shot. We're having daily water balloon fights. My tomatoes are just now fruiting. We're deep into the Kids Cook Real Food with friends. Vacation Bible School is around the corner. And we have a quick trip planned in a couple of weeks.

Nope! Summer is not over by a long shot.

I also recently had the immense joy to meet a neighbor and was treated to a tour of her home that can only be described as one Secret Garden.

From the front lawn, through the whole house, and out the back door she and her husband have invited the colors and beauty of Spring into their home. With walls painted lovely yellows, my favorite chartreuse green, and light blues.  It has made the whole home bright and cheerful.

One thing I took away from this visit is to make your home into what you envision. Own it and create it.

My husband once asked me what we could do to give our builder grade home some character. After visiting my new friend's home I can finally give him some answers. Just like  Falling Back in Love With Your Home.

Around the House

In the area of Homemaking you still have a couple more days to join the Homemaking Ministry's Homemaking Mentor for $30 off the regular price.

If you're struggling at home this is an online Biblical Homemaking training center where you can receive practical tips and advice on everything from cleaning the house to loving your husband.

The center will still be there after July 27th but if you want access I think it's better to pay $30 less.  Don't you?

Join the Homemaking Ministry's Homemaking Mentor

In the School Room

It's empty! Yaaaayyyyyy! Okay I'm still grading papers. I never would have made a good teacher.

At the Dining Table


Last week I used my newInstant Pot EVERY DAY! That was my goal. To use that thing like I meant it! And I did. Here's what I made (sorry to busy slurping to take many pictures)….

  1. Chuck Roast
  2. Bone Broth
  3. Steamed Corn
  4. Salsa Verde Chicken (for quesadillas)
  5. Warmed up spaghetti sauce (next time I'm actually making it in there).
  6. Lentil Soup

If it's time to replace your slow cooker and you need a pressure cooker I can't recommend the Instant Pot enough. I'm late on my helpful post on using this resource but is it enough to say I made lentil soup, complete with soft lentils, in the time it took my husband to take a shower? You can buy the Instant Pot on Amazon.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Trip Tip Steak and Macaroni Salad

Tuesday: Stir Fry

Wednesday: Turkey Burgers

Thursday: Lentil Soup

Friday: Salsa Verde Chicken in Quesadillas

What’s on your menu?



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