This Week’s Soy Free Menu Plan – February 3, 2014

winter-monday-menuLast week I veered far from the Menu Plan.

We still have a freezer full of turkey, and I still did use turkey, but I used it in a couple of different ways than I had planned.

First of all we ended up having turkey stew instead of stir fry. I found the recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s site and found it sounded delicious. I’ll post my details later this week. I figured if we’re going to have to eat so much turkey it should be in a new dish as the regular’s will soon be over done.

Next the chicken drumsticks turned into baked chicken instead. Also they were more than drumsticks. Whole cut up chickens were cut up and on sale so I purchased that and made baked chicken with orzo pasta. It was a nice quick dinner.

Yeah lots of poultry on our menus and we just purchased a ton more but again I’ll talk about that later.



This week we’ll be having leftovers and I’m trying something new. In my latest issue of Real Simple there was an article on making food bowls for dinner. Easy to whip up from leftovers and odds and ends in your refrigerator they sound like the perfect idea for me. Wonder why I never thought of it? Oh well you’ll find a link to a food bowl example in my menu below.

Monday: Chuck Roast in Foil Leftovers

Tuesday: Baked Fish and Rice

Wednesday: Food Bowl

Thursday: Turkey Noodle Soup/Stew

Friday: Turkey Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

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