5 Fabulous Ways to Relax and Unwind With your Girlfriends


I had a sweet ladies get together this weekend at my house. Once a month my lady friends and I make it a point to get together and do something special.

It’s not always at my home but it is always just the ladies.  Occasionally a rogue child is in attendance and that just can’t be helped.

It’s a nice time to connect, pray together, share, and fellowship.

I think it’s important to have women you can connect with who have similar interests.

But it doesn’t have to be all hashing out your problems. It can be a time of pure fun too!

Here are 5 Fabulous Ways to Relax and Unwind With your Girlfriends

1. Have a Tea Party

One of the ladies in my group likes to throw special tea parties for us. She has an affinity for this and bakes special treats and shares her beautific bounty of special teas with us. We all go home with a party favor too! Sometimes the younger ladies in our group (think pre-teen, adolescents) like to take part too.

2. Make it a Spa Day

Have you every just gotten together with your friends and given facials, manicures, hair treatments and the like? It’s very fun and can even be an overnight occasion if you can get someone to watch the kids.

Not sure where to start? Spa Party Package has you covered. This limited time package includes recipes, shopping lists, discounts and printables to make your party a success or you can upgrade your package get audio lessons, bigger coupons and other free stuff. Spa Party Package.

Fresh Facials and Scrumptious Scrubs

3. Papercrafts Fun

We also do this once or twice a year. Grab your best papercraft gadgets and get together making cards and whatnot to cover the year. Take a list of birthdays and celebrations coming up in your circle of friends and family and knock out their cards in one fun filled afternoon. Be sure and have snacks, music and lots of fun.

4. Hosting a Girlfriend Getaway

Every so often it’s a nice, relaxing break to get away with your closest girlfriends. A girlfriend getaway can be a great time to focus on friendships that may have been neglected in the busy times of life. You can go with one best friend, or a group of close friends. Either way, with a little bit of planning, you are sure to have a great time.  You can even add in a Spa Party Package. How can you know whether you are prepared and organized enough to pull it off when you are the one in charge of planning?

Girlfriend getaways are a great time for bonding, relaxing and having fun with your closest friends. Take some time to plan it well. It will be worth all the effort.

5. Take in a Show

I don’t necessarily mean a movie. What else is showing in your town? And it doesn’t have to be in the evening either. Some things I’ve gone to see with my girlfriends; open to the public ballet practice, cooking shows, chamber music concert, plays, fashion show. Be creative don’t always go see a boring movie!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to take some time out and connect with your girlfriends. I know you’re busy. It doesn’t have to be weekly, monthly will do.
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