I Never Planned to be a Mother : A SAHM Story

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I Never Planned to be a Mother_opt

Guest post from Jennifer King

This was quite a turning point in my life.

In all honesty I never planned to be a mother; especially a stay at home one. Neither my husband or I was in the church or living for God when we met. We had a very casual relationship and were quite content to keep it that way until our first son came along.

After my son was born though things began to really change. Its a long story, how my husband and I came into the faith and began to truly live for God but that was when it all changed. We officially got married when our second son was born and at the same time agreed that things needed to change It was clear to us both that if we wanted to really live for God we needed to be obedient to Him and His ways. Which meant it was time for me to let go of my career and come home to train up my children, keep my home, and be the Help Meet I was meant to be.

Why did you decide one of you needed to stay at home?
I admit my husband was the one to see the need for this change first. Being that he was in the faith and living for the Lord for some time before I was born again, there was much he knew and I learned, as time went on.  As we walked through the Word together; as we discussed it more and more it was clear he was right. And it was sad to me that my first son was not with me when he took his first steps or said his first word. He learned how to read with his child care provider (bless the sweet woman she was) But there was so much more to this motherhood thing than I knew, and I wanted to be sure to do this all in a way that was best for my family. I wanted to have that connection with my children; I wanted to be more than just a part time mom.

What Steps did you take to make it financially possible ?

We won the lottery (kidding).  Honestly there was not much we did to prepare, as I was on maternity leave when we officially determined that I would not return to my career. I felt terrible truly telling my wonderful boss that with only days left before I was to return, I just could not do it. I say more often than not that we stepped out in faith here – big time – we took that promise of God for all it was worth. And while we have had to change many things, He has always provided our needs.  We have had to cut back on some things; no more regular Starbucks for me. We let go of our timeshare and some lucrative real estate ventures my husband was involved in.  I cook a lot more; I am trying to learn how to sew in my spare time.  And we are much more careful to determine needs versus wants, in our children too. It hasn’t been easy but it has been so very worth it!

Looking back are these some things or choices you would change?

If I could go back and become a stay at home mom from the very moment my oldest son was born, I would not hesitate to do so. There is so much I missed of him growing up. I count my blessings though that my heart and mind both heard the call and were obedient to it in my being called home. I wish I would have begun my life with Jesus Christ before, but I trust that His timing and His plan is perfect for my family so I am just thankful that today, I am His and my home is a place that serves Him 🙂

Any advice for others wanting to be Stay at Home Moms?

Don’t be afraid; don’t doubt yourself or the value and importance of your children having you at home. Whatever you must give up; it will not matter when you wake up to your little ones snuggling you in the morning. Or when you can sit and read or color or bake with them relaxed and at peace. Enjoying the moments and the experiences. Watching them learn and grow. It can be done. We may have to let go of some things that we enjoy; we may have to sacrifice ~ whether it be a smaller house, big vacations, used instead of new –  We show our children that they mean more; that they are more valuable and precious than any thing And I know that God blesses us when we are willing to hear and obey the call to come home. He will provide; it may not look like we want it or expect it to, but just as He provided manna in the wilderness, so shall He for those of us who are simply seeking to train our children up in His ways.

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  1. Awesome answers! I think people forget and just don’t “get” the sacrifice part of things. It’s hard to explain, because if folks just don’t get it, they’re just not going to get it! 🙂 You’re a blessing – thanks for sharing! And thanks for posting at Christian Fellowship Friday.

  2. I love this, Jennifer! Sometimes people think this staying at home thing always comes easy to those who do it but is impossible for those who don’t want to. I love that you shared how God changed your mind and gave you that desire to stay at home. 🙂

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