Dollar Stretcher Tips for April 30, 2015

Dollar Stretcher Tips for April 30, 2015

Gym Bag Smell

If you have a smelly gym bag, you don’t need to buy expensive odor removers. Just put a dryer sheet into your gym bag. You’ll have no more sweaty smell!

Fly Away

I’m not sure why it works, but if you fill a zipper baggie half full of water and place it by your door, flies won’t go through the door. I think that it has something to do with their eyes. But, that doesn’t matter. What counts is that it works for us!

Moving Boxes

We moved from Florida to Indiana last summer. We did all of our own packing. Our local bookstore was a wonderful source for boxes. The boxes were just about the right size, heavy duty, and not too big to carry. All we had to do was to ask!

Blanket Storage

We have one or two blankets for every bed in the house, so storing them takes up a lot of closet space. Then I had an idea. I bought some cheap fabric and made extra-large pillowcase covers. Each one holds one blanket. I can put them in a variety of places in the house. Or tuck them under the bed. Problem solved!

Make-Up Sponges

Those natural make-up sponges are wonderful, but they can get expensive. I’ve started buying them at the craft store for a fraction of the cost. I’ve also started using small squares of microfiber cloth for removing eye make-up. After a few days, I toss the square in the wash and reuse.

It Pays to Take the Penalty

Recently, I saw a good rate on a CD account at 1.1%. I already had money in a CD that was collecting .4%. After doing the math, I decided to withdraw the money in the .4% account and place it in the 1.1% account. Sure, I lost three months’ worth of interest as a penalty, but I will gain it back and much more in the new account.

Rental Wrecks

We usually rent a car on our vacation. After listening to a friend’s problem, we now make it a habit to take pictures of our rental car both before and after using it. That way, we can’t be blamed for something that happened before we got the car or after we turned it in. It only takes a few seconds, but this could potentially avoid an expensive battle.

Self-Cleaning Savings

It takes a lot of energy for a self-cleaning oven to run through its cycle. I do a couple of things to make that more efficient. First, I only clean the oven after I’ve cooked a meal in it. That way, it’s already at 300 or 350 degrees before the cleaning cycle begins. Then I also fill the oven with my enameled broiler pan and BBQ racks, so they can be cleaned, too.

Brother Swap

My brother and I live in the same city, but it seems like we don’t get to see each other often enough. We decided to devote two Saturdays to working together. This week, we’ll be at his house doing a little outdoor painting. Next week, we’ll do some landscaping at my house. We’ve always enjoyed working together and this way we’ll get some brother time in, too!

Getting a Raise?

Here’s something I learned at my first job. I got a raise and was tempted to spend it right away. Instead, I decided to put the raise into a retirement account and keep my expenses where they were. I didn’t miss the extra money. The next time I got a raise, I decided to use that money for my monthly budget. That one decision means that I’ll be saving for retirement continually. This is much better than when I always promised myself that I’d start putting away some money sometime soon!

Farmer’s Market Secret

When buying produce at a local farmer’s market, I noticed the sheets of plastic that are in the bottom of boxes of fruit. I asked if I could have a few of the sheets. At home, I cut them in sizes to fit the inside bottoms of inexpensive plastic containers. I found very quickly that cut fruits and vegetables stored using this method seem to last forever. Recently, I read that this is because the moisture is wicked away from the produce.

Saving Wet Carpet

Dealing with wet carpet, especially padding, is a situation that needs immediate response for health reasons. Once mold is present in the carpet and padding, the best advice is to discard these items. Mold can and will pose various respiratory illnesses. While one may feel frustrated at the cost of removing the floor coverings (especially the padding), in the long run, you will be much better off. The most important action taken in a flood is to locate the source and act quickly to remove the water. Humidity, temperature, and dew point levels will determine how quickly mold will develop (24-36 hours in ideal conditions).

Certain steps can greatly help to eliminate mold growth. First, lower the humidity and temperature with the use of many commercial floor fans and dehumidifiers, while setting A/C levels to coldest settings. Next, tent carpet to allow much needed airflow. Spreading 20 Mule Team® Borax on the carpet tends to slow and even kill mold spores, while being gentle on carpet fabric. The key is to act quickly making every effort to stop the hazard of mold in one’s house.


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