Coupon Organizing – The Basics

ID-100124969Coupons are great little pieces of paper that give you cents off your favorite brands.

Sometimes coupons come from the manufacturer and sometimes they come from the store you’re shopping at. Here are some basic tips for using coupons at your favorite stores

Sometimes a store will seem as though they don’t take coupons. Smaller organic groceries or the like may give the impression that they don’t take coupons. Do ask. They usually do

Many stores will take the manufacturer’s coupon and their own at the same time. That’s a nice thing and the version of doubling I get in my area

Once you use a coupon the checkout person usually takes it and puts it away. This is a reminder that you can only use coupons once

Coupons can also have details on them about what is and isn’t allowed so read them carefully before use

Coupons cannot be copied so no photocopies please

Read over your receipts before leaving the store to make sure all is correct and there are no mistakes

Hand over your coupons at the end of ringing up. This way you can track your coupons as they are scanned and make sure none are missed

Don’t be afraid to ask for a manager when you think you may need one to clarify a policy or what has happened at the grocery counter. My husband is good for this. He has gotten some amazing deals because he is not afraid to ask

Coupon Sites.

These days you don’t even have to shell out the cash for a newspaper subscription anymore to get coupon. That’s because many coupon manufacturers now offer their coupons online. Coupons,,, and Sunday Coupon are just a few of the services that offer printable coupons online. And you can also visit our coupon savings center that contains links to many of the grocery coupons you find online. Be sure to check with your local store to confirm their policy on Internet coupons. Though they’re widely accepted, policies can vary from store to store

Manufacturers’ sites:

We have so many choices in our foods these days. If you’ve got a favorite detergent, snack brand, or soda? Got to the manufacturers’ websites and look for coupons. Also make sure to sign up for their mailing lists because many times this is how you get the coupons. You will also get announcements of sales and promotions, as well as coupons and frequent buyer deals, sent directly to you

Coupon swaps:

Coupon swaps are a great way to be generous with your excess coupons. Got a collection of dollar-off Huggies coupons but your kids are finally all potty trained? Don’t toss those good-as-gold savings; swap them instead! Local communities have coupon clubs where members gather to offer up their unwanted coupons. But, if you can’t locate one near to you, Google icoupon swap for a selection of online virtual swaps. Warning: Find a site that vets members or requires a minimal amount of personal information to make sure you don’t get stiffed with outdated, invalid coupons

Double coupons days:

If you’re going through the effort of clipping (or downloading) coupons, why not make the most of your savings? Many stores regularly offer double savings on manufacturers’ coupons. These savings are not always advertised, so ask your store management about their policies. Those dollars can add up quickly!

You may not have ever considered yourself a couponer but when you see the savings you can rack up with smart coupon shopping, you’ll be convinced it’s the way to go for big savings on everyday necessities

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