10 Ways to Be A Blessing



This time of year people start thinking about doing for others. Helping others in their time of need is good for the soul.

We all go through rough times and giving back is just the right thing to do. But we all don’t have the same resources or capabilities.

If you’re not quite sure how you can be a blessing to others here are ten ways you can do something to help the less fortunate.

Ten Ways to be a Blessing

1. Donate Food: Whether it’s directly to a homeless person (my husband does this a lot), a soup kitchen, or a friend or neighbor in need. If you have leftovers, or abundance, then share it with someone who could benefit.

2. Pass on Your Extra Furniture: Are you moving, or decorating? If you are getting new furniture, then give the old to a friend or family member. Or donate your extra furniture to a women’s shelter or an outfit that helps struggling families set up house.

3. Volunteer. Help out at in soup kitchen or food pantry or even in a hospital. Just take some time out of your day to brighten someone else’s, whether it is serving them a meal or playing a game with someone in the hospital. There are places you can look up volunteer opportunities online.

4. Use your God given talents. You never know how your skills could help others. Share your heart. Find organizations that could use your time and skills and see if you can be of service.

5. Tutor neighborhood children. Are you friendly with your neighborhood moms? Maybe their children could use some extra help in school subjects.

6. Raise awareness for a cause and raise money for it. I see this so many times on the news and it is inspiring. I also see it on various blogs. Do you know someone in need? Maybe someone who has high medical bills who could use some support. Or maybe there’s a race you can run or a charity you can help support.

7. Join a service mission. Bring your skills and knowledge to a third world country and help them build strong foundations. My real estate agent just came back from a missions trip in Mexico. Where can you serve? It doesn’t always have to be out of state. I served several years at a homeless shelter.

8. Donate items, such as used or new clothing to local community organizations. Give school supplies to schools and teachers. If you have extra of something, instead of throwing it away give it to someone who really needs it.

9. Have spare change? Put it where it will do some good. If you’re concerned giving it to a panhandler will go to something no good then drop it instead in the collection box at your grocery store.

10. Help beautify your neighborhood. Make your neighborhood or neighborhood park beautiful. Get others to join you.

Helping those in need or going through a tough time is a good thing to do year round. Sharing what you have, whether that comes in the form of time, money, or goods is all part of what makes us a community. Pay it forward because good deeds come back in kind. What ways have you helped the less fortunate?

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