3 Tips for Easing Into Back to School

Start by organizing for school. For a homeschooling family cleaning and organizing the homeschool area is important. Put the supplies, books and materials in easily accessible spots. Clean the area you will be having school in. Put up any posters, calendars, charts, etc. If you’re using the workbox method get your bins and cart in place. 



For those going out to school making a spot to put items that go to and from school each day such as the lunch bag/box, backpack, jacket etc. Also setting up a well lit, good spot for doing homework (sometimes this can be at the kitchen counter especially if it means interacting with mom and getting some homework help. Have in and out folders or boxes for school papers that need to be signed or looked over.


Preparing: It’s time to prepare for back to school with shopping for school supplies and school clothing. Sales are all over the place. Taken inventory and make a prioritized list before heading out to make sure you get what you need. If need be visit your child’s school campus a few days ahead so they can become familiar with any new schools. Make a plan for lunches. Whether going out to school or homeschooling. You have to eat. Also start having your child (and maybe even you too) go to bed earlier and get up earlier in the morning(we all know we sleep late in the summer) to set the stage for new school schedules. And finally if you haven’t been doing so during the summer now is a good time to start implementing a quiet reading time in the early evening. This can then translate to homework time once school starts. 


Scheduling: Finally family schedules will change with the onset of school. Whether homeschooling or if your child goes out to school lots of routine changes, from those of summer, are about to happen. So be prepared and make or buy a wall calendar that showcases the new schedule. Note any after school or extra curricular activities, appointments and the like. Big colorful spaces with stickers adds a bit of fun to the new schedule.


Finally acknowledge the end of summer and the beginning of school with something fun. It doesn’t have to be an expensive family vacation but can be something simple such as an outing to dinner, a special (homemade) family dinner party, a special day out enjoying a local activity, a trip to the local zoo, museum, fill in the blank. Whatever it is just acknowledge for your child that the lazy days of summer are over for another year but it’s okay.


Happy Learning!

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