Helping Your Child Organize for a Successful School Year

Help your child to manage their time and organize their school books and papers.

Start with creating an ideal place for homework. A nice clean tabletop with no outside distractions and good lighting is ideal. This does not have to be some fabulous over the top desk in their bedroom and in fact your child’s bedroom provides too many distractions. This could be a corner of a spacious hallway, the dining room, or in the family office while you get some work done.

Next help your child get off to a great organized start with a School Planner. I used one of these during my busy college years (eons ago) and they make great sense for today’s child. There are sections for adding in their school schedules, assignments that are due and test information. Have them carry them to school and home each day so they get used to checking their planner for upcoming events and things.

Now work with your child and organize how the day will go. In the morning after breakfast where will important papers and school bags be for a quick and efficient exit?

When your child comes home is homework done right away? Are their after school activities? Where should they leave papers for you to look at and sign or file?

A few simple steps and you have it all set up to help your child have a successful, organized school year.

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