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My daughter still recalls with fondness her preschool days at home.

I had the habit of including a little tea for our lunch each day. We drank juice or water but we used her little tea set and she poured. I cut our sandwiches with cookie cutters and made made spreadable cheese out of yogurt. I guess she’s hinting she wants to go back to those times. I’ll think about it.

When peanut was small we began with Little Hands to Heaven and I still have that copy but there are plenty of great Preschool at Home programs available.

Here are some great home preschool programs

ABCMouse: ABCMouse is an online learning hub for your small child. Get your first month free. Fun and games and learning adventures. This may not be for you if want to limit your child’s digital activity at such a young age.

Learn Your Letters Learn to Serve: A complete Christian curriculum by Heavenly Homemakers also includes Bible memory verses, and parent planning tools.

Preschool Themes : Preschool Themes are just those. Simple activities you can do with your preschooler that accent seasons, holidays, nature and community. This site is free.

Letter of the Week Preschool : By Brightly Beaming. She guides you into putting a curriculum together for your child through to 11 years old. Lots of lesson ideas for very young children to instill a love of learning.

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum : Ready for the boxed curriculum? Sonlight is literature based and lots of fun. Cute Complete package for your preschooler.

Circle Time Need help figuring out how to manage your little AND big ones not to mention the home? Fellow homeschool mom and Schoolhouse Review Crew member wrote Circle Time just for you. (you can read my review of Circle Time here).

Homeschool Printables Link Up

Pre-K Curriculum at Educents

Include a little outdoor space just for your child.

Preschool time usually includes some freh Vitamin D. Getting outside and just being a kid is all part of learning.

Children love, I mean LOVE!, having a space all their own.

If you can afford I just love the little all in one play structures with swing, slide, and little fort area for great outdoor play!

They look like such fun!

But they can come at a price you’re not ready, willing, or able to pay.

What if you have a small backyard or worse yet just a teeny tiny porch as we did where you are also trying to grow a veggie garden?

What if there is no park nearby? Or you’re living on one income or between incomes?

It’s not always possible to just up and move because your little tike needs more space to play.

So make the most of what you have.

If you can take the kids to the nearby park for actual running, climbing, and burning off steam.

But for everyday Vitamin D a little seating area is cute and can fit in most any sized outdoor space. And don’t think you have to buy brand new. We took our too small perfectly good sets to Goodwill and the first set we bought was at Ikea for only $25.

So far we’ve been through three such sets as our daughter grows and they’ve each been a wonderful place for her to imagine and create out of doors (she’s now at the big people’s table).

When summer comes getting outdoors as much as possible is great for you and kiddos. Do what you can out of doors. Garden, do some work online, eat your meals out doors. Get that fresh air into your child so they will sleep heavily at night!

Summertime Tips for Preschool and Kindergarten

For school age children be sure and keep them on track with the reading and basic math skills learned during the school year. Simple worksheets and reading time will help keep your child’s new skills right at the forefront.

Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood is an excellent book for organizing your day with children at home. This resource for working or stay at home moms is based on the author’s own experience parenting 3 children very close in age (2 adopted). Find routines and ideas for morning through night. I really enjoyed this book.

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