Saving on Children’s Clothing

Shop off Season: Big discounts on the previous season’s clothes happen when you start to see the coming season in stores. In the spring and early summer is a great time to pick up deals on winter clothing. At the end of the summer beginning of fall you’ll find deep discounts on summer clothing.

Auction Sites: It is a well known fact that you can pick up some great bargains in the kid’s clothing department on eBay. My sister regularly outfits her growing teenage son in quality suits and dress shoes for church at a fraction of the price of lower quality bargain department store clothing from deals she picks up on eBay. Also watch for lots or packages of several clothing items sold at one time.

Swap: Known a bunch of family or friends with growing children? Get together each season and swap clothing. We’ve been doing this for years in my family but with the women not the kids! Gather your gently worn or new, never worn items and set them up at a central location. Shop for free! This is a great way to share.

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