Shop Smart and Save Money on Back to School Clothing

Here are some ways to help your child get back to school in style without breaking the bank.



  • Start off by knowing what you have and what is needed.  A younger growing child could need a whole new wardrobe (we’ll get to that). Your older child may just need a few new bottoms and top and possibly coat. Don’t forget underthings. If you must give your child a limit. One or two new pairs of pants or a skirt.  Two or three new tops. A new coat if they’ve outgrown the old. If not then that’s too bad. By the time they need it it won’t be about is it new it will be about is it warm! Your older child can be earning some of the money for new clothing.
  • Once you have decided what clothing is needed you have to start making a list of what is needed and just like you would with a goal prioritize what can wait and needs to be purchased right away. Fall clothes will start to go on sale in November so you may wait until then to get a new jacket.  Winter clothes go on sale starting in January so if your child needs a new heavy winter coat you have to know your climate and figure if you can afford to wait or not. December of course is a big time for sales. Check out the websites of your favorite retailers and sign up for their mailing list. You can get coupons that way. Also check to see if they have any deals going on with websites such as
  • Know how much money you have to spend on clothes. When you figure out your budget for back to school clothes are not the only thing you need. Get your children involved in the family finances. Make out a worksheet showing how much you have to spend and what each item will probably cost.
  • Don’t break the bank for fashion. If you haven’t already noticed clothes are not what they used to be so try your best for good quality. And good quality does not have to be expensive.You don’t always have to shop at the big department stores. Online shopping is a great way to find a good deal. Visit your favorite retailer online. Check their facebook page for sales. Shop eBay for new clothing with and without tags.

Shop Smart and Save Money!

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