Tips for Successful Homework Time


  1. Set a scheduled time for your child to do homework. After school most kids want to run out and play but is that a better time for your child to do homework? Before bedtime is not the best time for your child to be doing homework. Having a quick snack and hitting the books my be more productive. 
  2. Be accessible to your child but refrain from doing their homework for them. Offer encouragement instead. 
  3. Make everyday life applicable to schoolwork. Math while shopping. Using english skills while reading the paper.  
  4. Move the computer out of your child’s bedroom and into a place that is more visible by you. Remove distractions from your child’s homework place. Turn off the television, radio, and any other distractions.
  5. Have a set place for your child to do their homework. It should be well lit, offer good space for setting out books and a comfortable seat but no too comfortable. For many the dining room table fills this need nicely.



Homework helps to reinforce concepts learned in class. It also helps your child to learn responsibility and learn about scheduling. Gauge the level of understanding for your child and know when extra help, such as tutors, may be needed. 


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