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Today is Day 21 of the July Blogging Challenge hosted by This Day Has Great Potential and A Glimpse of Our Life and today’s topic is Family Fun.

In our limited window of summertime freedom my husband always has our daughter make a list of things she would like to do during the summer.

Our summer vacation times are always staycation times since this is my husband’s busies work season. Due to that we’re always on the lookout for a few things to do locally to have some summer fun.

Our daughter is a bit of a nature girl and animal lover so her excursions always include animals or scenery, out of doors, and just reveling in nature.

I thought I would list some of her things to do in case you are looking for outing ideas for your own family.

  1. Zoo: This is always at the top of her list even thought the animals are more active when it’s cooler. We’ll suffer for her.
  2. Train Trip: We have the Mount Hood Train rides (ooooh) and Amtrak that goes up to Seattle where we have lots of family.
  3. Picnic at the Beach: We take a beach vacation once a year but she particularly loves to just go to the local beaches with a picnic basket. Need to find local beaches in your area? Check this website out.
  4. U-pick: We’ve done a couple of these picking strawberries and peaches. and have another couple scheduled. Need ideas for U-Pick in your area? Visit
  5. Museums: What’s a vacation without museum visits? My mother has a homeschool manual for museum visits for preschool and kindergarteners.
  6. Fairs and Such: We have a few summer fairs in our neck of the woods. There’s the usual ones for kids but also some for all the girls in the family such as the Quilt, Knit, Stitch show which appeals to all of us. I’m the stitch part.

So I will probably be adding to this list as time goes on but right now I’m exhausted and need to go to bed.


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  1. Those are some great ideas. It gets so hot in the summer that I only want to stay indoors but my kids want beach trips and theme parks. It’s amazing what we will do for them, huh?

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