Discovering if Homeschooling is Right For Your Family

Included in this mix is hideous peer pressure, gang related incidents and increased violence; none of which fosters a lovely learning environment. And that makes the question of whether homeschooling is right for your family a valid one.  

So it only makes sense to look at the pluses and minuses of homeschooling:

Is it cost effective for you to homeschool your child? If both parents currently work outside the home, it is likely one of you will have to quit your job to home school. Adding to that can be the cost of curriculum.  But the pluses are depending upon your city, you may be able to avail yourself of the many materials needed either through your local school, community or library. And with only one person commuting to work you save on daycare, work clothes, commuting costs, and the list truly can go on. And while a homeschool curriculum can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a several hundred it is usually costs much less than private school.

How much time will each homeschooling day take? Teaching your child at home, while in a comfortable and non-threatening setting, allows the child to work at his or her own pace. Omitting the travel to and from school, recess and lunches your homeschooled child should be done with school long before public and private school students aere out  for the day. Also a homeschool can be a much more relaxed learning environment wherein the child will be accompanying you on errands and help around the house. Find out different styles of homeschooling in this great resource, How I Homeschool: Twelve Families Share Their Lifestyle.

Other things to consider. If there is more than one child in the home organization and learning styles will need to be addressed.

Testing. There are different state regulations and test requirements, especially if the child is going to college, so check with your state’s educational policies to determine what tests if any have to be conducted and under what conditions. 

Last of all once you and your family sit down and thoroughly go over all of the necessary items you need and find if homeschooling is affordable for you. Then figure out if you have the time, patience and commitment to see it through; and be willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary for the sake of your child.  Once you have answered all of these questions, you can then answer the next question with certainty: Is home schooling right for your family?

Find out about homeschooling, encouragement and helpful support for the homeschool mom.



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