It’s the 2013 Blue Ribbon Awards for Homeschool Products and My Top Picks


The votes are in!

We had a great time this past year reviewing many homeschool products from many different companies and in the process learning more about our own homeschool.

Now the votes are in. All the members of the 2013 Schoolhouse Review Crew voted on over 25 homeschooling products.

What were our favorites in each subject.

What we thought was the best all around product.

What our kids thought and more.

For me the winners of this year’s round up were items I didn’t know we would use.

Here are my 5 Favorite Homeschool Programs from the Past Year.

Math Winner:

Why is math so hard for some of us? I don’t know. There is no doubt that many of the programs we have been using are excellent including our own regular curriculum but I believe there is no replacement for regular drills. And with IXL we can set aside 10 minutes a day to work on any particular part of math. I didn’t know we needed it but now I’m not sure we can do without it.

Music Winner: Adventus Music

I love this piano software and so does my daughter. She’s one of those kids who says “I can do it.” and then pushes me aside. She’s wants to be very independent. They can be hard to teach. My nephew was that way. I taught him piano but it was a struggle all the way until he said he knew everything he needed to and was ready to go. It’s about 10 years later and he’s admitting to needing to know a few things. I cut to the chase with my daughter and use the software. She’s moving along at a good pace and getting all the technical details that kids don’t want to learn out of the way but in a fun way.

Reading Program: Reading Kingdom

Man my daughter loves this program. This was this year’s top winner for her. She says she loves it for the typing. It’s a great supplemental program for her reading and spelling which are her best subjects. You can read my review here.

History: Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura

I really enjoyed this. It’s something I would have purchased for myself just because. It was interesting and now I need to add the Laura video to our collection.

All Around : Circle Time

This was a winner for many of us. Helping to organize your homeschool day is key for homeschoolers and Circle Time helps you do just that. Getting focused and organized for effective learning. You can read my review here.


You can read the rest of the results here =>

2013 Blue Ribbon Homeschool Awards
And if you want the details of the specific homeschool products I reviewed you can read them here.

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