The Wealth of Used Homeschool Materials

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Pre-Owned Homeschool Books


Just in case you think so, there is absolutely nothing wrong with used homeschooling materials. Just as textbooks are passed on in public and private schools textbooks and workbooks can and are passed on in homeschooling. I’ve purchased many a no longer in print, perfectly good, textbook or what have you online from homeschooling mothers like myself.


Purchasing used homeschool books only makes sense. Good homeschooling materials can add up. You want to give your child the best education possible but it’s not tax deductible and you may be having a hard time making ends meet. Don’t overlook used materials. They are often still in very good shape and you can purchase them for a fraction of what the would cost new. AND when you are done, if you have kept them in good shape also you can pass them on to another worthy family. It’s often how a homeschool family can pay for the next year’s curriculum, by selling last years. So keep it in the family so to speak and help each other out.


Many times you can find the complete curriculum year at a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase it brand new. The changes from the previous version to the new may minute or even not at all. Many of the items from the new texts we are using were published years ago so buying them used still means we are buying the current version. 

Listed below you’ll find some great Abeka materials. If you don’t know Abeka is a Christian homeschool company. It’s a good solid curriculum.


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