Weekly Homeschool Wrap Up 1/10/14

weekly-homeschool-jan-10I thought it would be nice to keep sort of a diary of what we’ve been doing in homeschool throughout the weeks. While we’re in class we mostly just have our heads dug in deep and get things done but doing this allows me to step back and note our progress.

I hope you enjoy~

This is our full week back to school after a nice two week winter break. Monday brought some frustrations and a reluctance to get back into the regular school routine but after day 1 we moved on without any further instances and a new appreciation for learning (kids!).

In Science we dug into the world of minerals and touched bases on how scientists tell different minerals that may look the same apart. We got to use the mineral kit that came with our science box from Home Training Tools and that was pretty neat. It’s been nice to see a lot of useful tools in that kit. Money well spent. We also got to see some stunning video of hot lava running and discuss a trip to Hawaii

In Math we’re drilling through Division and related Multiplication facts and ready to finish out the chapter at the beginning of next week. I’m still working with the Sweet Peanut to see the big picture. You know 2 x 7 =14 because 7 + 7 = 14 and that 14-7=7. She’s still having trouble making the connection and counting each and every digit (1+1+1+1….)  but I know only daily drills will help that. When I was in the 3rd grade we took these timed quizzes every week so I’m thinking of introducing those.

In Reading class we finished off a story that took place on a Snowy Mountain and started up a new story about a Major with nothing to say. These were cute stories and allowed us some read aloud time and a discussion of the voting process.

In English we finished of our Persuasive Essay writing project. The Sweet Peanut wrote an essay persuading her friend to come spend the night. It was cute and she had fun thinking of all the great things they could do. Now we’re finishing up the chapter with a review on different kinds of nouns before the chapter test next week.

It’s been a productive week in our Homeschool classroom.  Dad got to sit in on a few classes. And I learned a few things myself.

How did your homeschool week go?

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