I’m Feeling Very Full. It’s Been Food Week.

Happenings in my home this week…

Being inspired by another homeschool blogger I thought it would be a nice thing to wrap up each week with some happenings I’ve noted. You know not every happening deserves it’s own post so it’s makes sense to give a sort of wrap up.

I’m new at this so expect the first few weeks to be me getting my bearings.

Here are some of the things I have learned this week. (Remember Learn is my word for the year)

In our HomeSchool this week…

  • We’re studying the weather in Science Class. Great! This week has been mild weather for once so no rain clouds or super windy days to chronicle. This is one of Peanut’s favorite things to do. She checks the weather report every night so this is right up her alley and I expect this unit to go by fairly quickly in a blur of fun.
  • We read an oral presentation on John 11 in Reading Class this week. It was kind of a call and response thing. We messed it up but got to see a group of other homeschoolers perform it much better than we did.
  • We started reviewing some great new products for our homeschool. Do I get to say there are in the areas of piano and science? Well I just did. Stay tuned for those…
  • We’ve been taking Math Drills more seriously this past week and it’s amazing the immediate positive result they bring. I read an article (sorry I lost the link) about how they’re not used much anymore but how effective they are. I did drills myself in middle school and I think they do help. We’ve been supplementing our regular curriculum with drills from Math Aids.com. Since he’s been feeling left out Papa has taken on the nightly drills bringing an air of fun and action to the whole process. It’s only a few minutes but a few minutes well spent.
  • We’ve also been doing a lot of learning in the kitchen. We’ve really been spending some quality time together over every day meals. I love her enthusiasm for helping out around the home. It’s amazing how much learning goes on in reading recipes, passing on safety tips, and guiding in good meal preparations. It’s been a good week here which is why I called it Food Week in Our Home. Read on to find out more.


Helpful things I’ve learned to pass on…

  • My mother shared this link with me this week => 13 uses for WD-40  I see a few things I could use it for right now.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

  • We took a road trip for some shopping and sight seeing and had a nice extended family outing this week. This gave the Sweet Peanut a chance to use her map reading skills and the GPS system. Nothing like hand’s on experience.
  • Had a long distance chat with my best buddy about non-sleeping toddlers and heavy duty mixers. Which would you buy if you were a heavy duty home baker and wanted one to last? Our list was narrowed down to the Bosch or the Cuisinart. My 20 year old KitchenAid is from the old school and still hanging in there but the new ones are not made with such finess.
  • We dropped by Penzy’s Spices this week. I have been out since Thanksgiving and opted to go to the store rather than be lazy and order online. Everyone wanted to go so we made a family trip of it. You can have sticker shock if you’re loading up the pantry but their spices are really good and make a big difference in our dishes. My sister’s favorite is the Lemon Pepper and mine is the Ruth Ann’s Muskego. I think they are similar but we each haven’t tried the other’s.

My favorite thing this week was…

  • The pastries from St. Honore Boulangerie. We visited a French Bakery and got to review all the things we learned from Michel Roux Jr.’s show The Patisserie (did I spell that right). Since the butter overseas has a decidedly different flavor it wasn’t quite as good but close.
  • The special times with my daughter this week. Especially in the kitchen.(read above)
  • Getting in some badly needed piano practice. Reviewing a piano program has nudged me back to the piano to puff up my skills. I’m badly needing more time on scales.
  • Finishing my T-Tapp Bootcamp (wahoo!). I’ve been doing T-Tapp the last few weeks. I’m very motivated this time and it’s paying off. Prepare for an update.

Things I’m working on…

  • I’ve got a few new things going up over Well Kept Planners and that kept me pretty busy online.
  • At home we’re cleaning through the house 15 minutes a day. Every nook and cranny.
  • Taxes. Ugh!

Books I’m reading…

I read a lot of books this week. Where I found the time I’ll never know.

In the Kitchen…

  • I veered off my menu plan this week and made lima beans from this recipe. It was DELICIOUS!
  • The Sweet Peanut is really chomping at the bit to get busy in the kitchen. She’s outfitted her apron with a cloth and tasting spoons and trails me as I cook meals. I have no choice but to let her get in there. The stove is calling her name. Pray for safety. Ooooh a mama’s fears.

Special moments…

With my daughter.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…




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